Back in late January, the company sent the wifey and I out to Portland to check out the city, the neighborhoods, the studio, the whole she-bang. It was a great trip, one filled with trepidation, opportunity, and great potential. It felt so wrong to be in a city so far away from Atlanta and especially since we weren't supposed to be there, but dangit -- we weren't going to let that spoil it for us. And we had a blast. Our good friends Craig and Amy showed us around the neighborhoods, giving us a chance to take it all in and to give us some clues as to what to expect for various schools, etc. We considered ourselves very lucky to have them as hosts.

Anyway, we took photos while we were there. Andrea put the best of them in a nice Flickr photoset which can be viewed HERE. It's a gorgeous town. I've heard nothing but good things about the city. We're looking forward to becoming Portland residents soon.

You know I just had to check out the local antique/junk stores, right? And for the record, I did buy that book I'm thumbing through.


  1. I'm so siked I came across your blog! I love your illustrations and character designs (very cool)... i'm kind of new to Atlanta so its great to see all of the local animator/illustrator links. It gave me more comfort that moving here was the right decision. Anyways, awsome blog man!

  2. Love the Shopsmith graphic...we have one in our basement!

  3. Imagine-a whole new city full of brand-new old stuff to sift through! I'm all a-tingle with excitment for you and yours! (no sarcasm, really!)

  4. i hope you'll scan the book to the retrokid :)

  5. Hi Ward-
    We met briefly at the last Ottawa Festival...glad to see you're moving to Portland. I'm in Vancouver BC and plan on attending the Platform Festival so hope to run into you again and say hello. Best wishes at Laika!