Spookish Flotsam

the monster contemplates...
I love Halloween. And to prove it, I'll post some Halloween-based items leading up to the big day. For starters, how about some linkage?

I'm a big fan of fellow Drawn! pal Jay Stephens' blog, Monsterama. The dude has dug up my beautiful horror-lovin' past in all its undead glory by posting about almost-forgotten cultural oddities like The Groovie Goolies and -- oh my horrors -- this book! Man, I loved the "Make-Up Monsters" book! I remember ordering it through Scholastic and being so excited when it was delivered to me at school. I studied every single page, eating up the pulpy black & white photos of the creepy make-up concoctions with fervent glee. I seem to recall wanting to recreate that bug-eyed creature that's featured on the cover there. And I recall that I didn't do it successfully. The photos of the kids with their home-crafted creature faces always seemed to be so etheral and spooky to me. I loved it so.

Did you know? Kyra Schon, the nine year-old zombie girl from George Romero's original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD has her own website called Ghoul Next Door. Oh yes, she's got a zombie blog, too. Careful, don't get too close.

More zombies: A while back, Michael Sporn mentioned Jason McDonald, who has a pretty cool & gruesome online comic, My Living Dead Girl. Somewhat minimal and monochromatic, I like the way Jason draws his characters. All I can say is...*gak*!

The Zombie Survival Guide: probably the most important book you'll ever read. In the cellar. Or in a damp, old bomb shelter. Or in a remote, secluded place. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of flesh. Or something like that.

My pal, Clay, has some great spooky posts on his Argle Bargle blog. Be sure to check out posts on Bruce Timm's creepy work, a whole buncha Black Lagoon creature stuff, movie poster artist Reynold Brown, and black & white B-movie monsters in full blown color. Lotsa pics to look through. Perfect for Halloween reading.

And lastly, Jeff creeps me out.

Coming up: pics of me back in the day, in full monster-glory!


  1. Noice post, Mr. Ward. I am anxiously awaiting the chance to get at the smug pumpkin sitting on our porch as I type. Carve 'im up good!

  2. Hi Ward - I love Halloween mucho too! I can't wait to see the back-in-the day pic's.

  3. Woohoo! Halloween! Let me get my candy...

  4. I dig your frankenheader artwork and the fine post.

  5. Hey Ward,

    Thanks for the post. I'll put your blog link on my site.