Ava Thursday: Crafts

Ava Thursday: Crafts 1

The second book that Ava made recently for her classmates was titled "Crafts." (The first was Love Is Embarrassing.) Crafts was given to her classmate Phillip, and is filled with little craft ideas that Ava had been working on with Mommy, or some things that she had read about in some craftbooks. Since they were still fresh in her mind, she decided to put them in a little book for her friend, I guess. Something for Phillip to pass the time with. I hope Phillip enjoyed the book. Not sure if he completely understood what Ava was trying to explain in each craft idea. Plus, boys in first grade aren't really known to be the "craft type." But hey, I got pics of it, so that's fine by me.

Ava Thursday: Crafts 2
1. How to make a book.
2. You get a piece of paper.
3. You draw on the piece of paper.

Notice how she spells "draw": if you think about it, the "dr-" does sound like a "g"sound (as in "ginger") if you're 6 years old.

Ava Thursday: Crafts 3
1. How to make a house.
2. Get a piece of paper.
3. Cut out (3) papers...(here it gets kinda hard for me to read, but basically she says that you get some tape and then tape the pieces of paper to make the roof of the house).

I'll have to ask Ava what that last one says. I love how she draws rays coming out from each of the final products, as in a final "Ta-dah!"

Ava Thursday: Crafts 4
"How to make your own picture of a horse."
1. First you get a toliet paper roll. (I helped her with the spelling of "toliet paper roll." No, I'm not known for my spelling.)
2. Then you draw on the toilet paper roll.

(You can see what she's talking about below.)

Ava Thursday: Crafts 5
To Phillip. From Ava.

Ava drawing "Crafts"I took some shots of Ava as she was creating and writing the Crafts book. When she gets going, it's hard to snap her out of it. She's so focused and determined. I try not to distract her and just let her be. As I was taking these photos, she hardly blinked an eye. Just kept on doing what she was doing. Below, you can see the toilet paper roll craft that she mentioned above. It's right next to her. If you look closely, you can see a drawing of a horse on it. She did ask me some questions about the things that she was trying to write about, including the toilet paper roll, and about the making of the house. I love the way that she went about explaining everything so matter-of-factly. I was like that when I was young: pointing things out in meticulous detail. I'm still like that now, I'm afraid. I like to explain things to people and if I had the time I would probably make little books on how to animate or draw or paint. Or blog. That would be fun. In fact, that would be very fun. I might have to create my own little "how-to" book series, Ward-O-Matic-style. And there would be an "Ava Thursday" series, of course.

Explaining the toilet paper roll craft

Ava hard at work

Close up

Coming up next week for Ava Thursday: the third (and final) book made for her classmates, just in time for Halloween!


  1. Wonderful stuff again - I love her phonetic take on spelling :-)

  2. Man OH Man Ava's books are great! It makes me look forward to 6 years old. Her spelling is awesome, almost like it was faked by an adult trying to spell like a kid. Like those overdone Chik-fil-A adds. those kids are lucky recipients!

  3. Yes, Ava's work is becoming the highlight of your blog, Ward! She might be eclipsing you any day now.

    I wish I could get a cool font pack of her print. Great!

  4. ava is crazy over all craft books. now who does that sound like?

  5. I'm late to the party, but wanted to say that my Youngest has been making books like this for years!
    Four sheets of paper, stapled and usually done in one color marker...
    I have dozens and they look just like Ava's...