Ava Thursday: Don't Be a Scaredy Cat

Ava Thursday: Don't Be a Scaredy Cat 1
The third and last book that Ava drew for her classmates (see Love Is Embarrassing and Crafts) is "Don't Be a Scaredy Cat," a fun little book for her good friend, Evette. Evette and Ava have struck up a great friendship recently and have bonded pretty tight, playing together after school.

So, just in time for Halloween, here's Ava's little book about two girls who encounter a monster while walking....

Ava Thursday: Don't Be a Scaredy Cat 2
"Once upon a time, there was a scaredy cat."

I absolutely love that monster and the screaming girl.

Ava Thursday: Don't Be a Scaredy Cat 3
"The scaredy cat was so scared that she screamed."

More great faces here with the girl's tightly shut eyes, arms flailing, mouth screaming. And check out the monster swooping down to get her.

Ava Thursday: Don't Be a Scaredy Cat 4
"Then the scaredy cat found another girl."

Uh oh. Looks like the monster is in trouble and he knows it.

Ava Thursday: Don't Be a Scaredy Cat 5
"Then the girls turned over and they saw a monster."

Very nice composition here with the girls looking up at the now scared monster.

Ava Thursday: Don't Be a Scaredy Cat 6
"But the girls weren't scared."

Ava tells me that the girls are crossing their arms with a "humph!" as they realize that monsters aren't scary. That's a priceless look on the deflated monster, isn't it?

Ava Thursday: Don't Be a Scaredy Cat 7
"To Evette, from Ava. The end."

Have a Happy Halloween, all you scaredy cats!


  1. i just love the expressions on ava's characters! she is a very very tallented girl, but you already know that.
    thanks for sharing and happy halloween to the family!

  2. Love the attitude on those simple faces! And what an excellent lesson, too. Monsters aren't scary!

  3. That second-last page is priceless. :D

  4. so beautiful and true. with people who love you , with people you love, life isn't so scary. love is more powerful than monsters. you can face the monsters togehter. what a bright girl, and how adorable are those drawings!!! i wish you would sell this as a book. i would buy a copy!

  5. The design of the monster is MONEY! Great character design... she is getting some great expression in the poses and facial features of her characters.

  6. How adorable.

    And it goes to show that your talented Ava is indeed not a scaredy cat at all. I love how children just go and do whatever they feel like doing, without the hesitation and doubts we adults sometimes fall prey to.

    How awesome is it that she just thought, well, I'll write a picture book today...and then DID it.

    I've seen this with my niece, who is only fourteen months old -- but how they just go for it, not even thinking about whether or not they can, is so beautiful to me.

  7. I am loving this book. The monster's gradually deflating expressions are priceless.

  8. kids are so wonderful. thank you for sharing your daughter's books. they have brightened my day.

  9. Absolutely incredible! A natural cartoonist.

  10. As a mother of two nearly-grown sons and a longtime classroom volunteer, (still volunteering for a primary-grade teacher,) I have seen plenty of kids' drawings. I can't recall any who could match Ava's ability to capture facial expressions and body language so succinctly and so consistently.

    I also like how she's clearly not hesitant to use her "best guess spelling," enabling her to easily put her brilliant thoughts into writing. This child is definitely gifted and no doubt heading for an illustrious future!

  11. that's a really beautiful life lesson ya know...
    about looking fears in the face with a friend, and seeing them as not so scary anymore...

    kids just have it so right...