Back from the brink

Decorating Book: Chapter 4

It was a crazy weekend of moving. I'm so worn out right now, I can hardly type. It's hard to draw with every muscle fiber in my body aching from moving for 4 straight days. And to make it worse, I was summoned for jury duty yesterday, which threw us off track. I want to talk more and show you some photos of the new place, but all in due time. Just wanted to reconnect today. Trying to fit back into my daily routine here.


  1. I just love my "Better Homes and Gardens" decorating book and actually we went to "spin art" interior design to honor the book (it actually works much better in a 50's home!).
    Have fun settling in!

  2. Glad you're back and everything went well, man. Congrats on the new place and with being DONE with it all... all except jury duty, of coarse. By the way, I've been meaning to ask you, can you help me move?

  3. If that illo is anything like what happened over at your place during moving than Andrea had the right idea! just stand back and hold some flowers! I once was helping a friend move and i was hauling out tables and chairs (fairly heavy stuff) and each time i passed him... what was he carrying? a freaking empty mcdonalds happy meal box because it was a "collectible"!!!!ha ha ha ha!

  4. I can't believe we came out on the other side of this move ALIVE.