Ava Thursday: Pretty girl

Ava Thursday: Pretty girl
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Ava drew this in my Moleskine a few months back after seeing one of my drawings with a girl who had shiny lips. I guess she liked the way I rendered the lips by leaving an area in the middle white to show the shinyness.

Ava tells me that the story here is that this is a pretty girl who wants to be a princess but she's not. She says that God made her very special to keep the world safe. "Just like the boss of our world," she says. The squiggle on the right page is mostly a very ornate letter "e." The pretty girl's shoes, purse, and necklace is just under the "e."


Big thanks for all of you who wished us luck on our Big Move. It was crazy, like I mentioned earlier, but we're excited to get settled in—which will take a while, I'm sure. Word to the wise: don't move during Labor Day weekend. Also: don't move during your wedding anniversary. Something is bound to take precedence and it ain't gonna be marriage-related! (It was our 12th, by the way. Gads, we're so old.) But it was all good, though. We made the most out of a crazy weekend, guaranteeing the opportunity for us to laugh about it years from now.

Okay, my fingers are still swollen from moving all the boxes. What's up with that?