Ava Thursday: Early drawings

Ava Thursday: Early drawings 1
What looks to be a bunch of circles and scribbles, are actually faces—lots of faces—drawn by a very young Ava. She was about two, two and a half, when she drew these faces while visiting me at my work. I remember that she was very particular in the way that she would hold the pencil and draw each and every circle.

Ava Thursday: Early drawings 2
Several months later, Ava showed great progress in drawing faces, and here, she drew Mommy, Daddy, and herself (from L to R). Ava told me that she's crying in this drawing—notated by little lines coming from her eyes.

It's so wild to see these drawings and think about when my girl drew them for the first time. She was a pudgy little girl eager to grab a pencil from Daddy's collection and start doodling at the drop of a hat. "Daddy, I draw!" How could I not let her do her thing? Always intense and full of concentration every time she would start drawing, Ava still has that focused energy when she draws to this day. I try my best not to do the little league dad thing and hover over her shoulder, scolding her for not coloring within the lines. Andrea and I try to give her as much room for artistic and creative development as we possibly can, and when she doesn't feel like drawing or coloring, we back off. It's all about finding the balance.

Anyway, I've been meaning to post these early drawings of Ava's for some time now. I just love the way Ava has progressed throughout the years.

Have a great weekend!

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