more sketches for you

Told you I'd be back! With more! The first two drawings of Andrea and I were drawn on the same sheet of paper a long time ago. I forgot that I had them scanned and all ready to upload. Silly me! (Click on the images to go to each of their Flickr pages. From there, you can click on "All Sizes" to view them larger.)

sketch of andrea
sketch of me
Not sure what the words mean there. Just something off the top of the dome. No need to read into it.

My current sketchbook is a cheap-o one from the art supply store that I started early last year. So cheap, in fact, that some of the pages are loose and free from the binding. I quickly dumped it when I bought my first Moleskine. After two Moleskines later, I've finally returned to the sketchbook, picking up almost a year later. You can see that this was done last July/August:
sketches of lonely dudes

Sometimes I use real life as inspiration, starting with an initial thought, idea or shape, and then going with it. The guy below is loosely based on a co-worker at Primal. He's not big. I just drew this guy like that:
sketch of sweaty guy

Smoking is cool. Well—not the cancer, the emphysema, the tar, the addiction, the nicotine, etc, that's associated with it. But a drawing of someone smoking makes it look so cool:
sketch of smokey guy

Some random guys and my boy Ezra. The drawing of Ezra here is based off of a photo I have of him on my desk at work. I see it every day. It's a classic Ezra face: furrowed eyebrows, looking all worried. How can I not draw him?
sketches of some guys and ezra

I have more. More! More! MORE! Will post them soon.


  1. Poor Ezra, so worried. Those couple of small hand doodles are very pleasing.

  2. Hey Ward! Man O' man these are nice! Even in your sketches you show a very consistent style! And so much like graffiti. I dig it! The thing that impresses me about your work is that you can draw a pose (like the guy looking up smiling towards the bottom and the man in the chair) in any position and still render it out in your style!

    Yeah, why does drawing guys smoking look so cool? I think it's because drawing smoke is fun. Keep the Ward-O-Matic a'rollin!

  3. These are GREAT, Ward. You've been holding out on us. I love no-neck guy.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments, guys!

    Glad you like the hands, wetterschneider. I do too.

    Heath, those two poses that you mention are done on purpose because I fear that I won't be able to render my style in any other way except 3/4 pose or full-on. I don't want to be stagnant so I try out different poses to see if it works or not. It's challenging, I tell ya! I go through a lot of paper to get it right. I'm still working on it, though.

    Roque, thanks for stopping by! Will miss you this year at Ottawa, man!

  5. These are a real treat for me. I always enjoy when your post stuff from your sketchbook... you should do it more often ;)
    These are really great. I especially like the portraits of you and Andrea. Great stuff!

  6. You ARE exquisite AND lavish!

  7. Awww, why thank you, Justin! Right back at 'cha.

  8. Ward-O-Matic

    I periodically check out your blog just to see how many times you use the word moleskin

    Moleskin sketchbooks must be the hip and cool thing for artists to have these days

    I bet moleskin sketch books are basically the same as other sketchbooks, except they cost 30 dollars instead of 12 dollars

    moleskin - whoops, had to type it again!


  9. Why thank you, "Anonymous," for checking out my blog. I have to say, I appreciate the time and energy spent on visiting The Ward-O-Matic solely for the purpose of seeing how many times I've used the word Moleskin—which, by the way is actually spelled "Moleskine", but I'm sure being a fine specimen of an artist you already knew that, right? So, for the record, I've used the word Moleskine a whopping 6 times! Amazing! And since I have a total of 360 posts, the percentage comes out to be about .016666 of total posts where Moleskine is mentioned. But not to worry, I'm sure I'll buy a new Moleskine and bump that percentage up,up, up!

    And my dear sir, Moleskines cost a mere $15 for the aspiring artist like yourself—unless they cost $30 in beautiful Long Beach, CA, where you're a fine standing citizen.

    And yes, Moleskines are the sketchbooks of choice amongst hipsters and all the cool artists. Didn't you get the memo?

  10. you always make me look hotter than I really am, love. not that I'm complaining.

    anonymous dude, where are you shopping? plus, those cheapo sketchbooks don't have those nifty pockets in the back. I need those pockets for the detritus, dude.

  11. Great work Mr. Jenkins! Congrats!
    The smokey guy just stole my heart. It is the image I can recognize myself with.
    Can I perhaps use the image in my profile with a direct mention of your involvement? Do inform if I should change my dp for my blog profile. Thanks for the treatment though!
    Following your blogs now onwards!