Get yer linkage here

This is long overdue, I'm afraid. Here's some links for you guys to waste time and to keep you from working.

My pal Jared Chapman has moved his Little Crockpot blog to some fresh new digs. Be sure to update your linky links with the new address: My Little Crockpot. He moved all his posts over from the old one, although all the comments got lost in the shuffle. Too bad. I always enjoyed getting a kick out of reading his comments. Now he'll just have to come correct this go 'round. Represent, Jared.

I've been involved with a massive multi-author blog called Sugar Frosted Goodness, for some time now. It's composed of artists and illustrators and we simply post our work. That's it. We may include some how-to details, but it's mostly a chance to show everyone what we're working on currently. I've been bad and haven't posted anything recently, but I'll try. The great thing about this blog is that it gave me a chance to check out some great fellow artists that I never knew about before. One of them is Von Glitschka, aka Vonster. Definitely check out this guy's work. He takes vector-based artwork to the next level, if you ask me. Another artist on SFG is Josh Cochran. I LOVE his work. He does things with characters and figures that I completely "get," mostly in the linework and the stylized shapes and angles. Excuse me while I wipe away the drool off my keyboard.

Can I say that My House is Cuter Than Yours is probably one of the cutest blogs out there? Mary and I share the same interests in vintage cookbooks and housewife literature, but she takes it a step further by actually COOKING the items in said cookbooks. And she cooks them all in her nifty vintage (and some hand-made) aprons. (She's got a thing for 'em.) I'm comfortable enough with my masculinity to say cute, cute, cute. Another plus for me: Nightmare Before Christmas-themed apron! Enough said.


Groups that are worth mentioning are ticky tacky's and Leif Peng's Mid-Century Illustrated, a group that goes hand-in-hand with my Retro Kid, featuring anything illustrated in the post-WWII years, up until about the mid-60's. It was a grand time for illustrators. See for yourself.

Another group that goes hand-in-hand with Retro Kid is Eye Candy. This group picks up where the Kid leaves off, featuring artwork and illustrations from children's books and the like from the 60's and 70's. I guess you could say that it's an official Retro Kid spin-off.

I mentioned Conelrad in a previous post, but it's worth noting that the man behind the site is on Flickr now.

If you want to check out some Googie (not Google) architecture, check out Googie. For some mid-century modern architecture, visit Mid-Century Modern Art & Design. And check out 1950's Interior Design to find out how to decorate the insides of those mid-century buildings.

If graffiti-covered train cars float your boat, don't miss Painted Trains. Seriously, there's a Flickr group out there for everyone. Blythe, anyone? What's the deal with that doll? I've never seen such devotion to a single doll entity (Barbie doesn't count).

There ya go. Go have fun.


  1. Ward, I have to say I absolutely enjoy your site. You have a great sense of design that is unique. Even the links you offer, guide us deeper into your world. It's a pleasure. Thanks, and keep it going. I love it.

  2. I really appreciate your words, Mike. The same goes for your blog, as well. I'm consantly amazed by what you post on your Splog.

    I enjoy sharing site and links that inspire me, so I plan on doing this more often here. Thanks again for the comment!

  3. Heeeeey. Thanks for the plug Ward... imagine my surprise when I swung by your site and found the armless me staring right back at myself. It was strange... yet beautiful. It gave me a headache.

  4. "It gave me a headache."

    The feeling's mutual, Jared.


  5. AGH! YOU!
    -I know you are, but what am I?!
    -I don't make trash, I burn it!
    -Talk to the hand!
    ... ok, I am out of comebacks...
    *hangs head in shame*

  6. am i the only one that hates Flickr?
    it takes forever to load the tiniest images and its a cumbersome browser.
    is it my Mac? is it my browser?

    besides all that, thanks for the links. i'm always looking for sites to wate my time with. i just discovered bubblegumfink:

    and it curls my toes.

  7. Dan, I don't have any problem with the loading of Flickr on my end. It could be your server or possibly your computer? I dunno what to tell ya.

    And thanks for that Bubblegum Fink link. Very cool

  8. ward! thanks so much for the giving me a shout out! i felt the same as jared..well, minus the headache part and i wasn't staring back at myself really but ahhh...you get the idea right?!