Ava Thursday: Little Finger People

Ava Thursday: Finger people
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Ava wanted to draw in my sketchbook last week and proceeded to trace out her hand. The next thing I know she's created all these little people for the fingers. It was completely her idea, no parental involvement. She then handed the sketchbook over to me and told me to do the same with my own hand.

I had fun doing this! I might have to do this more often, when I get bored waiting for a render, or something. It was very invigorating trying to figure out how to draw the little characters for each finger.

For the record, Ava told me who to draw. On my hand, from left to right is: Ava's cousin Matt, his sister Naomi, my sister (and their mother) Amy, Ava, Ezra. Ezra ended up looking like some strange little stunted man, worried about being the thumb.

Ava's hand (L to R): Ava, Mommy, Daddy, best friend Stella, Ezra.

I really like these little characters. I'm thinking about getting Ava to help me out in coloring this when I get the chance. And when I do, I'll be sure to post it here. This was a fun little project and hope to do it again with Ava soon.


    you guys have done such a great thing to encourage her artistica and crative abilities her whole life. it is really cool to watch her artistic abilities evolve. i hope you are framing that one!

  2. Ward and Andrea

    I love your family!!!! Ava And Ez are so blessed to have you for parents. You guys have got to be one of the best families out there. You inspire me!

    Pea Pietersen

  3. This is such a fun idea. I think I might have to try this.

  4. Wow! I've been immortalized as a finger puppet by my brother!

    At least you were NICE with the drawing (that must have been very difficult for you) ;P

    I can't wait to show Matt and Naomi when I get home. Tell Ava that she did a FABULOUS job and I do hope that color will be involved soon.

  5. I like how much you look like "Austin Powers" in Ava's drawing; hi-crotch slim cut pants and all. And are your hands in your pockets, or am I just reading it that way?

  6. Funny stuff! Great to see two different interpretations on the same theme.

    P.S. E-mail me your mailing address Ward. Thanks.

  7. oh, I love this. lovelovelove. the most framable thing ever. I adore that you and ava worked on this together, I do.

    and thanks to mommy zabs and pea pietersen for the kind words regarding our parenting... we try... :)