Odd Assortment of Sketches

Here are some unrelated sketches from a couple of months ago. You can click on each image to go to its respective Flickr page wherein you can click on "All Sizes" to view larger. Word.

"Pot heads." Also known as "stoners." Remember how goofy those terms were? The two on the left there are based on a couple I remember from my high school years. The dude had those reflective sunglasses with side covers (blinders?). He was pure heavy metal, man.

The title 'Sensitive Pony-Tail Man' came from SINGLES. Remember that movie? I just made up the guy.

Jus' playin' around.

Sketches from Flickr photos
Sometimes I like to draw from photos—and of course Flickr is the coolest place to draw from. The image of Jes C in the upper left can be found here. The one of my sweet daugher Ava on the right is here.

I was watching something on the 70's one night on TV and so the following day I drew this. Dig those wings, man. Dunno what I was trying to do with the 'Foxy' lettering. I gave up on it. (Mark, I'm pretty embarrassed by this attempt, so just look away.)


  1. those sunglasses are called "Glacier Glasses".

    why wouldn't i know that...

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog, Ward. It makes me miss working with you. I'm totally digging your sketches (as always). "Sensitive Pony-Tail Man" especially cracked me up! I swear I've met/seen him him before. Perfect.

  3. Hey Ward, did Steve Mank tell you that I got to hang out with him, Rick, and Doug briefly while they were up here in NY for the BDA Awards? It was nice to see familiar Atlanta faces again. I wish you had been visiting, too! Boy, you are SO good...you need to be up here working...or in LA.

  4. Dan, you are so metal—of course only you would know that! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    Justin, Steve did tell me that they got to see you in NYC. Sorry I couldn't be there. Apparently I'm not allowed out of the building after hours. Sorry.

    And do I miss working with you??? Boy, howdy YES! Come back, Justin! Come back!

  5. Great sketches, junior. Regarding Justin's "you need to be up here working...or in LA" comment, I think maybe THEY need to be down HERE working with YOU! Unintentional or not, comments like that always smack of "you're wasting your talent by not being in our hip, soulless concrete hell hole." Raising kids in N.Y. or L.A. Sounds like a "great" idea. *cough*

  6. Whoa, upon reading what Robert had to say, I just want to clarify that I definitely didn't mean to insult you in any way, or make you feel as if NY and LA are THE ONLY cool places to be working. Primal Screen is an amazing studio, doing top notch work, and I would still be there if it wasn't for my weakness for "hip, soulless, concrete hell holes"! Heh heh!

    Honestly, I only comment on here with the best intentions, and I was unaware of how my comment came across until now. So I'm sorry. If I had kids, do you think I'd be here? Heck no. And to tell you the truth, I miss having SPACE!

    I just wanted to stay in touch. Hope you're well, too, Robert.

  7. Okay, okay, fellas. Am I going to have to separate you two? First of all, Justin, I understood your intent from your first (well, second really) comment about I "need to be up here,"— I knew that it was just a thing to say and that we've talked about it before, but it probably won't happen anytime soon. It is a dream of mine to some day live in NYC or LA or SF and animate for a large company (mainly to have that experience and work with people who have been in the biz for years and learn off them), but right now, I have to think about my family. I'm at a sweet position at Primal where I have benefits and a secure job. I'm happy where I'm at right here.

    You guys are silly. And thanks for the comments on my sketches!

  8. Doin' fine, Justin; glad to hear you are as well. Sorry if I came on too cranky and/or strong (maybe the lack of sleep is finally getting to me...an 11 month old baby will do that-just ask Ward!)
    Anyhoo, NY is undisputably great; it's just that I have encountered an amazing number of folks over the years that were, for lack of better words, TALENTLESS SELF-AGGRANDIZING HACKS who were given enormous props for no other reason than having survived the NY experience. There are numerous individuals (many at Turner, I ain't namin' names) who treat regional talent with a second-class citizen attitude. Hey, I went and got all touchy again!

  9. THese are awesome sketchbook pages!! More please ... :)

  10. Great sketches and characters, love 'sensitive pony-tail guy'

  11. personally, I think you nailed the 'foxy' lettering-- dead on. take it from someone who knows. and I think we should bring that word back, man! fox-eeeee. it just sounds cool.