Home or Bust

Home Meal Planner - BBQ
Well, I'm back. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. And for those outside the US of A, I hope you had a great Tuesday! We made it back home safe and sound Monday night, all thanks to a snazzy rental car that my Dad help secure for us during the week (thanks, Dad!). Boy, it's nice to drive a car that's from this decade. The car is a low-end Nissan, but even a low-end 2005 car is a whole heckuva lot better than our '97 Honda CR-V. Well, we did miss the space to put everything, but overall, the trip was a breeze.

Yesterday was pretty much a bust, but we were not going to let a closed waterpark due to full capacity, some nasty fire ants, and cancelled fireworks on account of a torrential downpour ruin our swell holiday. We did manage to have some moments of fun, plus, I was so happy to finally spend some time with my family.

For the occasion, I put up some fun illos from a "Home Meal Planner," dated 1957, in my Flickr. Click HERE for the entire set. Hope you enjoy!

Home Meal Planner - Sandwiches
Home Meal Planner - Dad
Home Meal Planner - Breakfast
Home Meal Planner - Mom

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  1. These drawings make me really, really happy.

    Glad to hear you guys had a good 4th, afterall. I almost got to see the big NYC fireworks from a rooftop in Brooklyn, but my friend couldn't get the roof trapdoor open! Oh well, next year.