Fluttering activity

What a weekend! The Humidity is back in the ATL, so it made obvious sense for the family & I to be outside, sweating like dogs at Chattahoochee Nature Center's Butterfly Festival this past Saturday. For some fun pics, be sure to check out this photoset, courtesy of Wifey. Read more about our day HERE.

Well, if you had a chance to read my wife's blog, there's an earlier post (aptly titled, goodbye summer) that mentions that we'll have to move soon. It sucks to move in the first place, but it sucks even more when you're being told to leave because the owner wants to put the house on the market. Alas, the trials and tribulations of renting. Yes, we know—we would love to buy the house, but it's simply way out of our league. Another kicker is that the school that Ava goes to is one of the best elementary schools in the state (thus explaining the high home prices). So, we're deep in the looking stages now and it's not looking all that great. I'm optimistic, however, because we just started to look and we have at least until September to find something. Just don't want to uproot Ava from her school in the thick of it. Another kicker? The attic has to be cleaned out COMPLETELY so they can show the house. This will be no easy task, my friends. Not looking forward to it.

Cow Sneezed: coverOn a more positive note, got some great blog traffic this weekend thanks to the write-ups on Cartoon Brew, Drawn!, Boing Boing, as well as some other great blogs and sites for my previous post on Jim Flora's children's book The Day the Cow Sneezed. That post was a labor of love and it feels good to know that others are able to enjoy Flora's great artwork. When Irwin graciously sent me the scans to original mock-ups of the book, I knew I had something special here that desperately needed to get out to the public. Big thanks to all of you who linked the post, as well those of you who commented—I even got one from Flora's niece! Very cool.

Home Meal Planner - KidsAnother cool item to mention: remember those fun, unknown illustrations from that Home Meal Planner I posted earlier? Well, the incredibly talented Steve Lambe emailed me to let me know that they were done by Albert Aquino. Not much info is out there on Aquino, but I did find out that he illustrated some children's books—which makes complete sense, based on the look and style of the Home Meal Planner booklet. Thanks, Steve! (You can see a photoset of the booklet HERE.)

Hope your weekend was fine. Off to check out more leads on the home search now. Wish us luck.


  1. sending up another prayer for you guys about the housing situation. i am sure you are leaving no stone un-turned...here's a link you probably already know about for classifieds:

  2. Hope you and your family will find a new place where you finally settle down permanantly. Here's to things looking up. ^^

  3. Much luck on the house hunting! We're trying to decide between remodeling and selling, and the not knowing what to do stinks!

    Congrats on 'the Day the Cow Sneezed' post.

  4. Hey, keeping you guys in our thoughts vis a vis the move! It sure was great to see y'all the other night. We gotta do it again soon!

  5. Hi! I have two Aquino-illustrated books, shall I post pics of them tomorrow?! I'll do my best!

  6. Very cool, Julia! Thanks for posting them! I'll mention it soon.