Design Inspiration interview

Just to let you know, I've been interviewed over at Jeff Andrew's Design Inspiration blog. Design Inspiration is described as "a place to introduce talented illustrators and designers to other creative professionals in their industry. A forum for new talent, a venue to be seen and noted." There were some interesting questions posed to me and I tried my best to answer them in the best possible way. I understand that for someone who might be starting out in the animation, illustration, or design business, reading about how professionals got their start and how they approach their work is always fascinating and enlightening. I hope this interview fascinates and enlightens at least a few out there.

Read my interview HERE.


  1. Couldn't a happened to a nicer guy...at this point you think people will start saying "...You mean THE Ward Jenkins?" when you tell them your name?...I always felt THAT was when you know you're bigger then you think.

  2. Very nice, very nice. This sort of interview should be read by every bonehead kid sitting in a high school guidance counselor's office debating whether or not to waste their parent's money at SCAD. One of the most telling aspects of Ward's artistic sensibilities, from my perspective, is his passion for the work, the sort of passion that is pivotal for sucess. Ward really IS one of those "I draw because I must" types, and it shows in the quality and variety of his work. Today's commercial art student cannot choose art simply as a passing fancy; the competition is simply too brutal.

  3. Ha! Thanks, forlackofbetter—but I'm afraid that this will never happen to me. Animators are notorious for being shy and bashful. I think.

    Pope: With what honor do I have to receive such a nice comment as this? Are you sure this is THE Robert Pope? Seriously, big thanks for your kind words, my man. I'll print your comment out and carry it around with me all day, putting it under my pillow at night and chanting the words five times a day for 40 days.

    Oh, and you're so right—the competition is indeed brutal out there.

  4. Hey, random artist guy here. I just wanted to say that I've been following your blog for a few months now (I don't remember where I got the link from) and I wanted to thank you. Your work (especially the greaffiti and character design) as well as the older work you spotlight has definitely had an effect on my own work. Thanks for keeping eyes open and giving them more to see.

  5. You never cease to impress me.
    I'm proud to be your friend.

  6. Niiiiiiice, Ward!

    Congrats on your spotlight moment with Design Inspiration.

    I think you're Doug's "secret weapon", much like you say Andrea is yours!

    I admire you for juggling everything you do – successfully!

  7. T: Thank you very much for your nice words. I'm glad to be of some service for others out there who are doing their thang. Thanks for visiting the blog—I hope I don't ramble on too much!

    Slim: No, YOU never cease to impress me. Thank you for your friendship throughout the years. It's one of my neccessities.

    Justin: I think Doug's "secret weapon" up and left this place and is now living in New York City....! Thanks alot for leaving, buster! I do juggle far too many things in my life right now, but not so sure about the "successfully" part. Still working on it.

    Thanks again guys.

  8. Ephemera. That's pretty.

    Congrats Ward!

    Ya wanna do an interview on MY blog now?

    No?...Yeah, I didn't think so

  9. Hey Ward, good interview. Funny to see you in different 'look' to your PROFILE pic!!

  10. Yeah, kinda funny, huh? That profile image was just me being silly with some 70's big-frame shades that Andrea found thrifting. You can check the photobooth pic here, if you're curious.

    Thanks for the comment, Matt! Can't wait to see what you're working on in France.