Hello 6

Ava: 6 years-old
Ava turned six Wednesday. Six years old. I can't believe my little girl is growing so fast right before my very eyes. Andrea had an incredible post yesterday about Ava offering her sympathy for "poor five." Since I can't compete with Andrea's words and photos, I wanted to offer Ava something that I can do best: draw a picture of her. So here's my girl at six years-old. When I started to draw her here, I suddenly realized just how much she's changed. She now has these long, knobby legs that weren't there a year ago. It's like she's one of those Growing Up Skipper dolls where you turn her arm and she grows about two inches. This is the first time I've drawn Ava like this—before, I drew her more like a little girl. Now she's a real GIRL. Not little anymore. Can't believe it.

Ava: 6 years-old sketch
Here's my original Moleskine sketch. You can see all the little toys and knick knacks that Ava loves to play with surrounding her feet. In the final version, I decided to just focus on the girl. Oh, and I just had to keep that sketchbook and pencil in her hands, of course.


As you might've guessed, the lack of posts means busy times on the personal and work fronts. By cleaning the attic, Andrea and I have created our own proverbial Sisyphean task. We work hard hours at night only to see more boxes return the next day. But we're getting there. And to look for a house to live in at the same time? Pure torture. Oh, and did I mention that we're going to the beach for a week? Gotta pack for that, too! Good times, I tell ya. Good times. Sigh.

So yes, in times like these some things get neglected, and unfortunately, The Ward-O-Matic is the victim here. Very sorry about that. I do want to say that there are some wonderful things I've found while sifting and packing things away in the attic that I completely forgot I had. I can't wait to crank up the scanner once we're settled and post them here. Some great books with wonderful artwork to share. It'll be well worth the wait.


  1. These pictures are incredible. What a wonderful, wonderful gift (in both senses of the word).

  2. Nice drawing of Ava, with sketchbook, of course.

    Enjoy the beach and get the family settled, the blog will wait. You've got to have you priorites!

  3. These are beautiful, nice to see the sketch and the final piece!! Love the children drawing in the little girl's sketchbook! Cute touch!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Ava! I always forget she has the same birthday as me. July 26th birthdays rule!

    You're sketches are great. Can you imagine lining them up one day? It would be an illustrative growth chart.

    Don't worry about not posting as much, life happens :)

  5. What a beautiful post, Ward. I love your drawings of Ava. I can't BELIEVE how fast she's growing up! She's lucky to have you capture it.

    So the show on Friday was a blast! I just wish there had been air conditioning!!! It got TOO HOT.

  6. Love the illustration! I hope everything goes well for you all as you get settled into a new place...

  7. lovely drawing, kids are such a great inspiration, aren't they? you have to enjoy them every minute, they grow too fast!

    greetings from a newly-mom :)

  8. hAPpy birthday to AVA!!! (^__^)
    may happiness follow her, everywhere she goes!!!


  9. sooo cute! bet she was thrilled to see that. hope the birthday was wonderful for her.

  10. happy b-day AVA! wOW Ward she has grown. Seems like yesterday she was at primal barley walking around and not talking.

  11. what great pictures of the girl! you are amazing! God bless you!k