Vinyl Kid T-shirt Design

Oh yay! My very first t-shirt design for Shirt.Woot is now available! Titled, Vinyl Kid, it's part of a special sale on the site called Jukebox Heroes, featuring all music-related designs. The shirt will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY! Sale ends Sunday, May 20th.

If you love vinyl (and I know you do, since you're reading this blog), then go and buy a shirt (or 2, or 3) for yourself - or for your favorite crate-digger.


  1. Ward, your blogs and, especially, your Retro Kid and Retro Teen sites have been such an invaluable resource for my illustration work in the style of '50s album cover design! I thought you would want to know about these recently unearthed UPA commercials and style sheets:

    1. Hi Gary - thanks so much for your nice words about my blog and Flickr groups. So glad they've been helpful and inspiring for you! Yes, I'm a big follower of the Cartoon Brew and when I saw that post, my jaw dropped. I love UPA stuff, so it was nice to see some new stuff that hasn't been seen in years.