Coast to Coast, Baby!

I guess you could say that it's a soft release, but I'll have you know that my two newest books are now out! Behold, the covers: New York, Baby!


San Francisco, Baby!

One of the coolest things about the social networking aspect of having books released are the responses from friends who've spotted your books in storefronts or bookstores and then send you pics of the books. Checkit:

New York, Baby! spotted in a Brooklyn window by my friend Justin Lee:

San Francisco, Baby! spotted in a San Francisco window by my friend Bill Robinson

What's even better is that these photos are from each side of the country. Coast to coast, baby. I love it! Big ups to both of you, Justin and Bill, for your book-spotting ways.

Well, hey - if you see a City, Baby! book in your store, take a pic of it and share it with me! I might have to start up a Facebook page for the books and share the photos with others "out there."

(Note to self: email Chronicle Books about this, pronto.)


  1. so stinkin proud of you, love.

  2. Any chance of a Washington, Baby! book?

  3. while i was visiting san francisco during this xmas holiday, i run into your book; i was looking for a gift for my nephew , but i liked your book so much that i want it to be... for me!! It was so incredible cute and sweet that i decided it to be my souvenir from my trip :)
    Waiting you for Italy, baby!