The Golden Bible: New Testament by The Provensens

Alice and Martin Provensen created some beautiful work for this giant Golden Book edition of The Golden Bible: The New Testament from 1953. Absolutely brilliant. I find it hard to take my eyes off these pages. When I look at their work, I feel hopeful, joyous, optimistic. Much like the idea of what Jesus's birth was meant to be: the promise of something new. Of joy and peace. Happiness. When I look at these illustrations, I am happy:

The Golden Bible: New Testament (The Prophecy)
The Golden Bible: New Testament; Edited and arranged by Elsa Jane Werner; Illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen. © 1953, Simon and Schuster.

The Golden Bible: New Testament (Title)

The Golden Bible: New Testament (It happened...)

The Golden Bible: New Testament (The Nativity)

The Golden Bible: New Testament (Gifts)

The Golden Bible: New Testament (Wise Men)

I'm sitting here looking out at a scene that's covered in over a half foot of freshly fallen snow. It is Christmas Day. I feel peaceful, I feel optimistic. I wish the same for your Christmas.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours,

- Ward Jenkins


  1. Oh, I love the Provensens, didn't know this book, though. Merry Christmas, thanks for the beautiful post.

  2. That artwork is really magnificent. Blessings to you on this day as well.

  3. fantastic! thank you! and I hope you had a merry Christmas!

  4. absolutely gorgeous. they are amazing illustrators... thank you for sharing this beautiful bible!

  5. Great midcentury artwork. The Provensen's did another book for Golden called The First Noel with the same theme. I included the cover in a posting I did today on my blog about book cover design.

  6. Hi Jil - thanks for commenting! Oh, yes - I'm very aware of The First Noel. I posted about it back in 2006 on Christmas Day and would repost it on several Christmases afterwards. Such an awesome book.