The Discriminating Lush

The holidays are in full thrush here at the Jenkins household. So excited! I love the Christmas holiday season. Looking forward to having egg nog 24/7 and throwing a log into the hearth and starting a fire whenever I dang well please. And the music, too, of course. Now I can stop pressing 'skip' when a Christmas-themed song comes up in my iTunes shuffle. Yeah, I never got rid of my Christmas songs from last year. So sue me!

The sale in The Ward-O-Matic Shop was a success—I thoroughly enjoyed sending out prints to new customers in various new places. Always a big thrill. Hope you all enjoy the prints!

A new illustration to share. This was for the Boston Phoenix, for their holiday supplement. This guy is labelled "The Discriminating Lush." Whenever I need some help with fashion for any of my subjects, I call upon my good friend Robert Pope of Dagnabit! He knew exactly what my character should wear. I followed his advice and I'm very thankful for it. Many thanks, Pope! You big lush. And by the way, kids, don't drink and drive.


Vintage stuff to share with you soon. Don't shop too hard, people!


  1. Great job, Ward - love the way you incorporated authentic textures and patterns in the clothing.

  2. ah, gawsh, I love your work so dang much!

  3. NICE painting!

    so good to see you are doing well. congrats on your second book!

    lets do lunch sometime.


  4. He looks great, I love the textures!