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I used to not like having my birthday so close to Thanksgiving. It took away from all the attention that was supposed to be spent on me. (When you're a kid, it's supposed to always be about you, right?) It was even worse when my birthday would actually land on the holiday itself. "Here comes our Turkey Birthday Boy!" or something similar would be blurted out by family members at our annual family Thanksgiving get-together. It was quaint, I had to admit.

After a while, I got used to my birthday being where it was. And now, I actually enjoy it. It's comforting to know that we'll have a family reunion of sorts each year, within close proximity to my birthday. It works out alright. On top of all the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and all the usual holiday feast-havings, there'll be a nice, big birthday cake for all to enjoy by the end of it. See? It works out for everyone, doesn't it? You can thank my parents for that, guys. We get to have cake as well as pumpkin pie for dessert! What a deal!

This year, my birthday was two days before Thanksgiving and it was fantastic. A perfect day to celebrate being born. Starting with a cinnamon bun topped with a trick candle (nice try, Andrea), my day got better as I spent several hours in various bookstores and antique malls, getting the tips of my fingers dirty by digging through old books and magazines, finding some wonderful old ephemeral treasures. Case in point, this incredible Fortune Magazine from July 1952:

Fortune: July 1952

Jerome Snyder has be my new favorite illustrator. Just look at the shapes and colors he uses for this piece. Simply wonderful.

Later on, we had pancakes for dinner ("pancakes for dinner, you say?" yes—pancakes for dinner, I say) at the month-old Slappy Cakes on Belmont Street, which turned out to be such a fun experience we're thinking of going here for every one of our family member's birthday, even more so.

To end the already fantastic day on a high note, we had passes to see a sneak preview of Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was pitch-perfect. I have so many good things to say about this film, I'll have to put it all in an official review here on the blog later on. Such a great film, and everyone in the family enjoyed it immensely. Ava wanted to see the movie again immediately afterwards, which is a high compliment, I should say. Go see it. Seriously, I'm not cussin' with you.

So, having a birthday so close to a holiday where you ponder over what you're thankful for isn't half bad, really. If anything, it enhances my own birthday experience, maybe even merging it with the holiday in a way. I'm thankful to be alive, to experience a birthday yet one more year. And am thankful to be able to celebrate my birthday with my family, who laugh and grow with me, day in and day out. For without my family, my life would be empty and souless, like the puppets of Mr. Fox, once the lights are turned off by the end of the day. Andrea, Ava, and Ezra: all three of you give me that determinable spark in my heart, that sparkle in my eye. Thank you for making my birthday oh so fantastic.


  1. My birthday falls on the Canadian Thanksgiving so I know what you mean!

  2. That sounds like a great day. Slappy Cakes looks freakin' awesome! I'm so jealous!

  3. Oh, man, Slappy Cakes is so fun! I highly recommend the place if you're ever in town!

  4. May 22nd, 2010
    More than a bit behind, but as today is Rudi Bass's 96th birthday, I was actually thinking of you and how many times I wanted to wish YOU a Happy Birthday! but never got around to it. Not surprising with all that's going on here -- lots of unfinished business that I don't seem to find time for. I actually feel right now as if I'm "stealing" time, but just thought I'd finally do it! So here I am with greetings for your 1/2 year b'day on May 24 if I'm correct. Mine's Nov. 26th,
    and my latest did fall on Thanksgiving. You wanted to keep in touch also, but I misplaced your contact, so if you're up for it, let me know again. Now I'm about to prepare Rudi's and my private celebration together. Family celeb is next weekend with most of the kids who can get here on Memorial Day Weekend.
    Your work keeps getting better and better, and you really sound like an interesting, fun guy with a great family!
    All best,