In-Store Appearance this Saturday at Barnes & Noble

Look! The book!
Hey Kids!

This Saturday, November 7th from 2-3pm, at the Barnes & Noble at Lloyd Center Mall here in Portland, OR, I'll have my very first in-store appearance and book signing! Check the event's page on Facebook for details if you dig that sort of thing, or you can just read on:

So, YES! I'll show up, read the Michael Phelps book I illustrated, How To Train With a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals, sign some copies of the book, show some of the original drawings, maybe juggle a few stuffed animals, you name it! It'll be for the Boise Eliot Bookfair. (Boise Eliot is a school here in Portland.)

Added bonus: If you come in and get a sticker from the Boise Eliot folks then anything you buy on the day of the bookfair will go as credit towards Boise Eliot's bookfair total at no cost to them--you just say you're purchasing on behalf of the bookfair if you wish to purchase something on that day--this applies to everything in the store minus the purchase of gift cards.

Hope to see you there! Yippee!

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