One last look at San Francisco

Powell St.
Finally got all my San Francisco pics uploaded. You can view them all here. All 89 of 'em. Yeah, it's taken me a month to finish it. I'm a terrible blogger/flickr-ite. I deeply apologize.

On that Thursday, we got to do the ultimate tourist-y thing and hopped on a bright red shiny cable car:
We got the bright red one
Hold on
Some of us held on tight.

Oooh boy
And here, you can see why.

Laughing Sal greets you
We took the cable car down to the Fisherman's Wharf and got to meet this happy gal at the wonderfully creepy and charming Musee Mecanique.

Amongst the old arcades and puppet shows, I found this wonderful device. Listed as the oldest machine there, it's a praxinoscope. The faceted nature of the mirrors gives off the same effect as a shutter for film -- very important in order to give off the optical illusion of 'persistence of vision'. The images projected from the drum onto the mirrors allowed you, the viewer to see the girl jumping rope, instead of becoming a big blur. It was so cool to watch one of these for reals.

Ava checks out the Praxinoscope
Ava really enjoyed watching this thing go.

Andrea and Ava
Further down the Wharf, we saw some sea lions lounging at the ├╝ber-tourist trap, Pier 39.

On that Friday, we paid Chinatown a second visit to see what we could see.

The Art Co.
And what did we see? Well, some cool old signs, for starters.

A Wall of Wacky Wobblers
And a very impressive wall of Wacky Wobblers.

Stumbled upon some cool numbers, too.

Fortune cookies
Following the sweet smell of fortune cookies, we found a couple of women making them in a small shop in a back alleyway.

run boy run
Which was the perfect place for running around in.

Mr. Pouty
One last pouty session before we head out. We're quite used to this by now.

On our way out, the Golden Gate Bridge was cloaked in its usual attire.

So long, San Francisco! We had a fabulous time. Looking forward to visiting you again soon. One last big THANK YOU goes out to Leslie and Riley for sharing their home with us. You two are the coolest. Thank you.

My SF photos.
Andrea's SF photos.
Leslie's photos.


  1. You are so welcome, doll :) You guys come back as soon as you can, k? These are great shots and it made me kind of sad to see the end of your trip all over again...
    smooches to you and the crew,

  2. My one time at the amazing Musee Mechanique came when we arrived there about five minutes before closing time. Gotta go back there!

  3. Hey Ward---just tripped over your blog today while googling other stuff & saw you visited Es Ef recently.....

    You know i live here right? Next time you come down give me ring---would be great to do dinner if the timing's right....

    Yers in countenances, Zach (Trenholm)