Ezra Thursday: Buzz, Woody & a Ghost Robot!

I think it's about time I change up Ava Thursday a bit -- since Ezra's doodling more and more lately, what I'll do is have Ezra Thursday from time to time. Maybe even do an Ava & Ezra Thursday every once in a while, where I'll post artwork from both my kids. Today, it's Ezra. Two drawings from a little boy who loves robots, Spider-Man, cars, superheroes, dinosaurs, and mostly boystuff.

Ezra Thursday: Buzz & Woody
Ezra draws everybody's favorite spaceman & cowboy buddy team: Buzz & Woody from TOY STORY. He was so proud of this drawing. Can't say that I blame him. I would be too! Love the helmet arc over Buzz's head. And Woody? Got those boots down, doesn't he?

Ezra Thursday: Ghost robot!
Part of a series of robot drawings that Ezra did one day, this one was different by the squiggly line coming off of the robot -- that's a ghost tail, Ezra tells me. This is a Ghost Robot! I just had to laugh -- could this be an homage to my buddies at Ghostbot? Hmmmm, you never know...! I say that they use this for their new logo.

Ezra turned 4 in June. Ava just turned 8 last weekend. My, how time flies.


  1. Hey Ward-
    Great drawings from the little ones!

    (my little one turns 2 next month, so I'm starting to understand why people always say time flies...)

    Did the DVD I sent you make it there?

  2. Your kids are SO hired. Maybe they can let Daddy come to work with them...


  3. These are lovely! I especially liked the robot drawing.