Drawings for you

Well, you asked for it:

flash is fast flash is cool
Start it off with Grandmaster Flash. Bonus points if you know where that quote came from.

One of my favorite characters in The Office. I should draw the entire cast some day. Yeah, right! Like I've got time to do that!

A character I'm working on. Tell me what you think. Took the ol' Prismacolor pencils out for a spin. Forgot how good those pencils feel on paper.

ava & buddy
Ezra likes to taunt and bug Ava. It's his vocation. And what he's saying? From a Spongebob episode, natch. Probably a Plankton line.

Ava has a hole in her smile. Ezra has shoooz.

I see that dude over to the left on the bus all the time, playing with his phone.

More Prismacolor action. Click to view larger.

Busy busy this week. I'll probably take a break from posting for a while. Things are just way too crazy for me right now. I'm sure you'll understand.


  1. 'Flash is fast ...' Rapture by Blondie. Gotta love the tragic attempt at rap, but Debbie Harry's heart was in the right place eh? Great illo's, and the new guy is looking smooth. Luuuurve that business card, I want one.

  2. My wife snuck into my Flickr account and found your Kevin sketch in my Flickr contacts stream – and instantly told me to see it. You have to at least do one of Toby. Please!

  3. Great skeches. You should do a take on "The Office" cast with the same logic as your "Disney characters as the cast of 'Seinfeld'" that I still get out and laff at from time to time...

  4. Great stuff, as usual. You da Prismacollah Ayatollah, yo.

    It looks like Ezra is doing "I will crush your head" from Kids in the Hall?

  5. oh your style is fantastic!
    don't work too hard!

  6. Nice sketches ward,

    How are you? I know you miss the ATL.

  7. Great sketches. The prismacolor work is tight.

  8. ThanQ much 4 the compliment

    Unfortunately we never had the pleasure to work together.

    Met in passing at Primal.

    Heard from the Mircoscopic Atlanta Animation crew that you went North.

    Good to see your doing well.

  9. pleeeeez, post a link to Disney characters as Seinfeld...

  10. Artfully abstracted reality, as I've come to expect from you, Ward! Oh so stylish urban cubism!

    And, oh...send the birthday card elves a quick email with your new address and they might get busy. ;D

  11. Kristi -- I need to find that initial drawing I did. It's somewhere in all my old drawings folders, which, of course, is a mess since moving.

    Justin -- "urban cubism", huh? I like it! Will do on the addy, my friend. Expect an email soon....