A couple of Christmas goodies

Like I mentioned earlier, the mrs. and I decided to mix it up this Christmas, giving each other only "gently owned" gifts found in thrift stores, antique markets, and the like. Thought I'd share with you a couple of fun goodies that she lovingly wrapped for me:

Playtime Watercolor set
Oh, the wifey knows me so well. Allow me to squeal with girlish glee, yes? This was found in my Christmas stocking. She found it at an antique mall here in Portland. Thankyouverymuch. This is my second watercolor set from her -- you can see the other one from this shot of my old workspace at Primal:

My workspace: mobile and books
It's the red one in the bottom right-hand corner with "Kopy Kat" on it. I should take a photo of the inside of that one. Some very nice lettering for each of the colors. Very art deco-ish-like.

I also got this wonderful children's 45 for Christmas:

Blue Tail Fly
There's no mention of who did the illustration on the cover (of course), but the character design looks very similar to Aurelius Battaglia's style. Anyone?

One of my resolutions for this year is to scan more of my old stuff and post them for everyone to check out. I've been sitting on all that junk for far too long. I want to share! I promise I will keep my word on this. Expect to see some great gems for 2008.


  1. Isn't that watercolour set wonderful?! Oh, how I wish I could look around a few American thrift stores. Our charity shops in the UK just aren't the same.

  2. Your blog is a visually soothing band-aid for my tired modern eyes. I do not seek out vintage illustrations on my own, but the more I realize how much I enjoy what you share on your blog, the more I know that chapter of my life is coming!

  3. Oh I love thrift stores! What did you give your wife?
    Today my godmother and I found an adorable plaid 60s-mod-styled dress for me that had come in this morning and fit me perfectly! She also found a cashmere sweater for me as well, I love shopping with her - but even more special is how charming vintage things can be! :]

  4. Great stuff. Reminds me of that little rant R. Crumb's daughter blurts out regarding Crumb's beloved collection of blues records he's carefully packing for their move to France, which went something along the lines of: "Why does everything have to be OLD?!?"

  5. I adore the paint box. I'm sure my childhood one didn't survive (paints get used, huh?).
    So, I was surfing 50's stuff today and came across this...http://www.plan59.com (museum of mid century illustration). You probably know about it, but if you didn't...well, I immediately thought of you!

  6. I got this same exact set of Playtime watercolors for Christmas myself - in 1966!

    Sure wish I'd hung on to it. Thanks for the memory!

  7. My best guess would be William Dugan for that illustrator... sort of a poor man's Aurie Battaglia! (He's obviously looking at Battaglia, though).
    I just stumbled across this page from your blog, and it's terrific! I'll have to explore the rest of it!