One Foggy Morning

One foggy morning
Since moving to Portland, I've noticed the occurrence of fog being far greater here than in Atlanta. This offers up more photographic opportunities in the morning, and since we've purchased a Nikon D40 not too long ago, I can't afford to pass up these opportunities. Wednesday morning was such an occasion.

I found a ridge that overlooked a park that had a bank of fog rolling in, over the trees below. It was a beautiful moment.

fog and trees

fog and tree

An hour later, the fog really set in:
foggy bump


  1. Those would make cool backgrounds for animation. :)

  2. beautiful photos.

    the center one looks like a painting. you captured an incredible range of tones, and the sparse red leaves seem to glow.

    you and Andrea should set up shop as photographers.

  3. Wow. That makes me wanna move to Portland! Just beautiful man.

  4. Arg! Those photos don't even look *real*, Ward! So pretty it hurts!