Coronet December 1957

Coronet December 1957

Welcome to Christmas 1957, Coronet Magazine-style. Coronet was a smaller in scale magazine, roughly half the size of your typical magazine found in newstands. The paper from this particular issue is brittle, giving the magazine a pulp-like feel. Very cheap. Hence, its ephemeral importance to me.

They weren't kidding with the bangs back then, were they? I've seen photos of my aunts with bangs as short as this -- that way, my Oma wouldn't have to cut them for long time. Didn't want to deal with all that.

There's some interesting illustrations going on in this issue, most of which I'll post at a later date; but the ads are what I thoroughly enjoyed the most. A few worth noting:

gifts they never forget...

I wonder if giving teens a typewriter for Christmas held the same significance as handing out toothbrushes for Halloween. Oh, they'll never forget this one, Santa. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Betsy Wetsy

Click on image to view larger. This was the first page of a multiple-page advertising spread for Ideal Toys. Funny. She'll be singing a different tune when "wetsy" becomes actual urine.

Click to view larger. Love that Mighty Mouse doll! Is it me, or does the name "Robert" not sound very "robot-y" to you? I know that "Robbie the Robot" is a popular one, but that's okay. "Robert" sounds so....formal.

More toys!
Ooooo....the coolest two pages in this magazine. Love that see-through "Fix-it Starflite"! The fact that this has working head and taillights would've had me drooling all over this mag if I was a kid. I'm also eyeing that Satellite Launcher Truck. Very cool! Who wouldn't want a truck with a satellite launcher in the back?


Mmm'kay...after that garish presentation, something completely different. The wifey and I are mixing it up this year for Christmas. We've promised to give each other gifts found in thrift stores or flea markets. Uh, no....we're not cheap. (Well, maybe.) Actually, we got to thinking. Last year we got so carried away, it left us feeling...oh, I dunno, sort of empty: all that spending and consuming. It was crazy. Didn't sit well with us.

So, we've decided to find things that would require more thought and feeling, while at the same time offer a bit of a surprise. No lists, no "I've been eyeing this...", "I gotta have that...." Just to mix it up. Who knows, it'll probably blow up in our faces come Christmas Day, but at least we tried to stray away from the almighty, all-consuming Christmas-spending juggernaut. Admit it -- it's so easy to get carried away, isn't it?

Anyway, didn't mean to go off on a tangent there. Just thought I'd share some of my thoughts. We just want to try something different this year. And try to have fun.

Okay, enough of all that. More vintage Christmas-y stuff coming up!


  1. hey ward!
    did you notice your header and background images disappeared? The same happened to my blog and as I entered the blogger help group I found out there's a mini revolution in there!
    apparently lot of users are affected by distortions in their layout and images. my header is completely compressed now!
    I suggest that the first one who discovers how to fix it should post the solution in his/her blog.

  2. I like your approach to Christmas.

    Me and the missus will often wrap something that we already have in the house. It' a reminder of all the amazing things that we already own so we don't feel a need to get more, more, more!

  3. Well, I'D like a "Robert the talking Robot!" Seriously, great post. Keep 'em comin'!

  4. If you find any really good thrift stores, let me know! :)

    Portland has HEAPS of antique shops, but most of them are rather overpriced and not true bargain-find places.

    That's it, this week I am breaking out my 50's House & Garden Christmas catalog and scanning some love.

  5. Just stumbled upon your site...

    Wards ROCK! - We should start a wardsoftheworldunite.com website.


    Is it a coincidence that Ward spells "draw" backwards? I think you and I know the answer to that.

    My dad is Ward too, btw.

    All the best,

  6. We tried to do this one year with my family (mom, bro, sis, in-laws). They still look at us all funny and hold their children very close when we approach. I'm not sure they "got" it.

    However, it always goes over well between the two of us when we can manage it.

    But dern the internets with their free shipping and clearance sales. They make it so easy to be a consumer. Your Uncle Phil's little shoe shop is all over my browser right now.

  7. remember that little turquoise typewriter we saw the other day at that little junk shop? huh? remember? I like that. A LOT.

  8. la doctora -- no problem on my end. Not sure if there was any problem with my blog at all.

    king -- that's a pretty good idea! Like that.

    Pope -- I thought that you'd like that robot! Thought of you when I posted this. I'll try and get some more stuff up this week. Just so busy before we leave for the holidays.

    amy -- there are some good cheapy places, just takes time to find them.

    ward -- nice to meet another Ward! We Wards are few and far between.

    sparky -- funny stuff, man. So when do we see you and your family?

    andrea -- i don't know what you're talking about.

  9. Hey Ward, great post. Did you know Betsy-Wetsy isn't just a wonderful doll, she's "IDEAL". Scary, man. So I wonder what would be "unideal"?

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and hope to see you in March!

  10. I forgot about Coronet. This is interesting because this small format is re-emerging in Europe.

  11. Hey, Ward - not soon enough! I'll e-mail you with my new contact info so we's can set sumpin' up.