He's watching me...

Strange feeling

True story:

I was sitting in our car reading a book waiting for Andrea and Ava while they were shopping on Alberta Street about a month ago. The book I was reading was Neal Gabler's biography on Walt Disney. (I'll explain later.) As I was reading, I had a strange feeling that someone was watching me so I looked over to my left, where there was a coffeehouse. Hmmm....nothing.

Or was there?


Upon closer inspection, there was someone watching me!

He's watching me

What are the odds that I would be sitting in a car reading a biography of the man who just so happened to have a huge portrait painted of him hanging up in the coffeehouse that's across the street from me? In Portland, of all places?

It was very strange.


  1. Holy cow what a fantastic story!
    Now wouldn't it be neat if Walt was living inside the painting, like in Ghostbusters II?

  2. Ohh, his reach in long....

  3. creepy and awesome at the same time. nice blog you have here.

  4. Ya know what's even weirder? I was on the 72 Killingsworth bus tonight on my way to the aeropuerto and I passed this place. I saw Uncle Walt's face and I wished I had someone to turn to on the bus and say, "did you see THAT?"

    Walt is omniscient. Or omnipresent. Or omnisandwich. One of those omnis.

  5. That's a very Dan Clowes-like progression of panels - an just as creepy.

    Glad to hear you're doing well in Portland. We need to get out that way and check it out sometime.

    Good luck.

  6. Ha! That's too funny.
    I like how it's partially obscured by plants, as if he's hiding in the bushes.
    I'm reading the same bio. I find it interesting, but I heard recently that it has some mistakes and makes some claims that can't be substantiated.

  7. that's awesome! soo much better then eating at moes and listening to hendrix and then looking up and seeing a shitty painting of hendrix.