Fred & Me

Fred & Me

Guess who stopped by the studio yesterday: Fred Seibert of Frederator. We met briefly back in June during PLATFORM, but the club that we were at was so loud that we weren't able to conduct a feasible conversation. Either that, or my freakishly wild beard got in the way. Fred came by to talk about his career and did a Q&A session afterwards. Open and outspoken, Fred was a hoot to listen to. Afterwards, he practically put a gun to my head, forcing me to sign up on Channel Frederator RAW, an online animation community. (Not like I've got enough internet stuff going on, right?) Ah, that Fred -- he's so persuasive!

One thing that I thought was interesting was that Fred mentioned having a blog was like having his own "newspaper." You know, that's pretty much what blogging is: an online newspaper with readers. Although, I'd like to add that blogging for me is more like a personal newspaper and magazine combination. With no deadlines. (Which is just fine for me!)

Great to finally talk, Fred! Hope to see ya again soon.

Be sure to check out Dan Meth's hilarious series, The Meth Minute 39. Simple Flash animation, but doable for me because of the timing and humor. And no, RUSH is not heavy metal. Sorry, Dan.


Oh, and a big THANKS for everyone who's emailed me with their linky links. I plan on tackling my template code this weekend, so look out for that. I really appreciate the response. I'm hoping that this'll help other NW artists out there stay connected. It's amazing to realize just how much talent is out here.


  1. Meth Minute...rocks. My favorite is the news ticker at the bottom (I hope Nicholas Cage is ok).

    RUSH is not heavy metal. Ray Charles might be.

  2. Fred looks like Father Ted in this picture.