Ava Thursday: Spider-Man Revealed!

Ava Thursday: Spider-Man Revealed! 1

This makes me laugh every time I look at it. These two drawings by Ava are on the same yellow sheet of construction paper; the top one being on the front. Obvious a dig at Ezra's favorite superhero, Ava decided to draw a couple of scenarios exposing Spider-Man as a sham, a charlatan, a fraud!

Here, Ava writes: "Spider-Man isn't really strong, he just puts balls in his sleeves."

You know, when you look at that one sticker there of Spider-Man, it does look like he puts stuff in his sleeves to puff himself out. At least, to a 7 year old.

Here's the back:

Ava Thursday: Spider-Man Revealed! 2

"Spider-Man doesn't really have designs on his red suit just draws them."

What I find especially funny in these drawings is the direct poking of fun at a particular figure that her brother is especially fond of. It's her way of getting to Ezra without him picking up on this fact. I can imagine that it's satisfying for Ava to rip on something that her brother loves. Typical sibling ribbing, of course.

Ava gets all giggly when I talk about these drawings. She knows how silly she was being when she drew them. Silly girl.

I love the poses of Spider-Man here: the legs, the arms, how he's trying to draw on his costume, the shoving of the balls into his sleeves. Very expressive. And very funny.


  1. Hee, hee... these crack me up. I can see where she's coming from and the drawings are brilliant!

  2. these are both amazing! the humour, the drawings, the details... love all of it! like father like daughter :-)

  3. I love it when our daughter is being silly too.

    My favorite bit is spidey coloring his costume on the drawing on back.

  4. What does EZRA have to say about this????

    Love y'all!


  5. One of my favorite Spongebob episodes (MuscleBob Buffpants)is the one where he gets fake muscle arms that he can pump up and look ripped.

    Ava could totally write for television.

  6. Love the picture of Spiderman drawing on his costume - the pose is just wonderful!

  7. Ward i just love these. so funny in humor and the whole idea of outing a superhero her brother loves...brilliant!

  8. I love this. Kids really tell the truth. I've always thought all those over-wrought superhero comic characters looked as if they "stuffed".

  9. Hilariously Awesome!
    There must be a Spider-Man backlash among the young art world these days. I just posted about some Spidey deprecating "art" that my son made (if it counts as a multimedia piece).

  10. This is so great. I just discovered your blog. Well, technically, it was recommended to me by a coworker a while back, but I have just now taken the time to sit down and enjoy it.

    Can I just say that I was thinking about you and your family for the rest of the day? Before you get creeped out, let me explain! :)

    It is so awesome how involved you are with your family, and it is apparently authentic in your blog here. I just have to say, I was thinking about your father's day post and sharing it with my fiance last night. Not only is it amazing and genuinely inspiring and reassuring to see those great photo booth images of you and your kids, but to see your so obviously authentic statement of how words just can't describe how much you love them...that just really made my month. Maybe even the rest of my life.

    Way to make a difference in the smallest and most important ways.

    Also - art, toys, & books? INCREDIBLE. Love it, and I will totally be back!!


  11. I had such a good laugh today looking at the drawings. Ava's drawing are really expressive.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Your little girl is something else again. She's quite a talent.

    At first I interpreted her "balls" drawing as her take on Mo-Cap(well, it could be)! : D

    They're both funny on any level...her brother'll get her back in time, I'll bet!

  13. Hi Ward,

    This cracks me up...I did a google search for Spiderman, Thanksgiving and your little Ava's drawing popped up.

    I follow your blog time-to-time, I just sent my stuff up to Laika Entertainment to see if I can get a spot on Jack & Ben.

    I'm from Oregon originally so maybe that will help?

    Look forward to meeting you in person, stay warm and dry up there!