8 Things

There's a meme going around. List 8 random things about yourself that others might not know about you. Here's my 8 for you all to laugh and poke fun at:

1. One of my favorite shows of all time is Sunday Morning on CBS. I try to catch it as often as I can. I enjoy the longer-than-normal editing and the gentle approach on human interest subjects, culture and the arts. Lulled into a joyful state by Charles Kuralt's smooth-as-molasses voice and long, lingering codas that focused on nature, I was more than eager to get up and watch a program that felt more like a radio show than TV. It's a welcome change from your typical news program. I'm having a harder time catching it ever since I moved to Portland, however; it airs at 9am for most of the country, but at (gulp) 6 on the west coast. Even though Kuralt has passed away, his successor, Charles Osgood, has done a tremendous job in keeping the integrity of the show intact.

2. I had a fear of using public bathrooms when I was a child. It stemmed from when I was in preschool and the toilet I just flushed started to overflow. I was so terrified by the rising mixture of urine and water that I high-tailed it out of the bathroom, hoping no one would figure it out it was me. Unfortunately, the bathroom was right in the middle of the room and I couldn't escape the water that was slowly spreading from underneath the door and out into our classroom. Having this fear provided me with several incredibly embarrassing moments during grade school. For one, my mother was called in to pick me up from school early because I was "feeling ill." Actually, I had an accident in my britches because I wouldn't go #2 at school during the day. I never let on to my teacher that that was what was wrong with me, but I'll never forget the bratty tomboy who sat two seats behind me whispering as I was lead out of the room by my mom, "I bet he pooped his pants!"

3. I get on kicks when it comes to favorite drinks. In high school, it was Mr. Pibb. I rediscovered it when it had a revival during the 90's and I drank nothing else until about 7 years ago. It suddenly tasted too sweet for me. When I was young, I loved Shasta Cream Soda. Oh momma. It was pure gold. Currently, I'm really getting into A&W's Cream Soda. I'll let you know how that pans out.

4. I've broken only one bone in my body: my collarbone. Playing tackle football with some friends one Sunday afternoon, I got bombarded by opposing players after a catch, all of them falling on top of me. I had to wear a brace for six weeks. You know that collarbones never really set after you break them?

5. I'm a different person behind the wheel.

6. I proposed to Andrea going up the glass elevator of the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel, on the evening of December 11th, 1991. It was magical.

7. I'm extremely allergic to poison ivy. I swear, I don't even have to touch it, I'll get it. Somehow. It's in my blood, or something.

8. I was an avid runner from about 1977 until 1984. It was the height of jogging popularity. During that time, I ran a marathon, but never finished it, almost collapsing around the 23rd mile post. (Once I sat down, I wanted to sleep I was so tired.) I did, however, finish several half-marathons and many 15-, 10-, and 5K's. Near the end of my running stint, I ran an average of a 6 minute mile. My dad got me into it -- it was through running that we were able to establish a strong bond. The number crunching, the pre-race carb stuffing, the early road trips to various North Georgia towns, the constant stench of sweat -- all of this is still very strong in my memory banks and I look back on it with fondness. On these road trips we would talk about things like school and soccer, all the while listening to the local AOR station play the latest tunes. I swear to this day can't hear "Baker Street" without thinking of Dolfin shorts and Nike Terra TC's. I stopped running when I became more interested in girls. My dad still kept at it, often doing bi- and triathalons for many years. He still runs to this day, but has found the healing powers of golf, I'm afraid, right around the time he retired. I plan on making a running comeback soon. I wonder if Dolfin is still around?


  1. I think #5 is true for most everyone.

  2. I haven't ran a lick since the little one came; when do you get your mornings back? Never?

  3. On #7, I read that poison Ivy oil can stay on materials such as shoes, gloves, shovel, chainsaw etc...up to 8 years. My dad has a similiar problem.

  4. Dolfins! Man I haven't thought of those in a long time. Thanks for the memory. I was always sad that I was too fat to look good in them like the other girls did. Thank god adolescence is long gone!

  5. Sunday Morning and their "nature moments" rock my world, but they keep cutting away too soon. Last weekend's footage of frolicking puffins was frustratingly brief!

    Never got into running or sports of any kind, but I'm sure my parents have an embarassing picture of me in red dolphin shorts.

  6. We share being extremely allergic to poison ivy. Ironically enough I love camping in the woods. So I always come back with memories and poison ivy breakouts.

    I've also acquired a taste for AW Cream Soda too, and often take them camping with us.

  7. Robert Pope: You get your mornings back, I swear. Then your knees hurt for two weeks.

    Then it's awesome and totally worth it.


    About to Lose my Mornings Again

  8. Hey Ward,

    My name is Tony Ravo and I'm a game animator and I used to work with "Notorious Newsquirt" here in Washington.

    Wanted to ask if I could get your eyes on a reel I had sent to LEIKA a few months ago. I never got a response positive and negative, but I was hoping that I may get a critique.

    I have spent 10 years animating games and would like to possibly make the jump into film and TV, but would love to know what I would need to add onto my reel, and what needs improvement.

    If you can dig it up there and get a critque, I would appreciate getting your eye on it and hearing your feedback..If not, completely understandable.

    you can just drop a comment on my blog back and lemme know either way.


  9. baker street......what a nostalgic song of my youth. this is good stuff here. i love the peachtree hotel in atlanta, it is one of my all time favorite places. how romantic.

  10. Have you tried Pibb Xtra? Good stuff.