Tabulated Fear of the Common Man

I went driving around the other day and took some shots of things that tickled my fantasy. You already saw one of those shots, so here are a couple more:

Some subconscious action going on this garage door in East Atlanta.

Methinks they ran out of space to paint the '-ice' part, as in, 'service.'

And in the same vein:

Looks like they had a break-in, or something, but never bothered to repaint the sign on the window. Kirkwood, Atlanta.

I found some interesting things in Decatur, most of which was the rotunda for the high school:

Some nice, mid-century modern architecture that strangely reminds me of the Legion of Doom.

The title of this post is taken from the title of one of my CD mixes. If you're curious, you can email me your address and I'll send you a copy for free. I love music swaps — I'm open to just about anything. Sometimes it's good to be stretched and pulled from your usual comfort zone when it comes to music and tastes. If you have a cool mix that you think is the shizz, then by all means email me! Let's do a swap.

Some linkage:

My favorite new(ish) animation blog is Michael Sporn's Splog. Sporn is the director of Michael Sporn Animation, Inc. in New York, and has been animating professionally since 1972, working with such animation greats as John & Faith Hubley and Richard Williams. A very prolific blogger, Sporn's posts vary in subject matter—most of which focus on amazingly talented artists, animators, etc. who have inspired Sporn throughout his career, from yesterday to today. It's a fascinating blog and one I highly recommend.

My buddy Justin Winslow, who used to work with me at Primal (see previous post), now has a blog, called Cartoon Curio. He's been posting some great work, vector and non-vector. Dig it.

Another Primate has started a blog, this one more on the tech side of things: Creative Workflow Hacks. Started up by Dale Bradshaw, Primal Screen's Technology Director, Creative Workflow Hacks provides tips, tricks and the like to make your creative workflow a lot less glitchy.

If you live in Atlanta and want to be a part of the animation community, please sign up to be a member of ASIFA-Atlanta. The website's content is dated, but not the contact info. (We are in the process of getting new content up soon.) This year, we are going to be a part of Atlanta Film Festival's Animation Extravaganza on June 15th. It'll be a great evening filled with the best animation around. I had the great honor of helping out in the selection process (along with other members of the ASIFA-Atlanta community) and I have to say that the good folks at Image (the non-profit organization who puts together the AFF) did a fine job of putting together a stunning screening. Buy your tickets now! Oh, and I'll post a more in-depth post about this special evening soon, including a list of what will be screened.

Okay now, don't forget to send me some music!

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  1. Ah...your eyes are instruments of wonder. You see the coolest things all around you.

    Thanks for the linkage, too!