Ava Thursday: Cool Sneak-Peek Card

Sorry this is a day late, but better than never, right? Ava drew this for one of her teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. The "sneak-peek" part is that there is a secret drawing behind the (real) feather, which is glued on the front there. I think it's a drawing of a heart, or something. I didn't have the chance to make a note of what it was because we were in a hurry to get out the door for school that morning.

There are two teachers in her class, with a third who acts as a helper, mostly for one of the students in the class who is disabled. This card was for that one. When I have the chance, I'll post the rest of the card. It's very sweet.

Things are good. Life is grand. It's the weekend, y'all! Go find a photobooth and take some pics! Scan them in and be sure to tell the wife. She's got a good thing going with Photobooth Friday each week, and she'll post a link to your photo.

Have a great one, guys!


  1. Cool idea with the feather...it's interactive! I might have to do that with one of my drawings!

  2. I know, I'm thinking that I might need to re-think some of my drawings and paintings!