Oscars and Annies

Curious about those unheard-of shorts nominated for Best Animated Short catagory for the Oscars? Want to see a short clip? Care to catch up on some background information about the films before the big Oscar night? You're in luck as Animation World Network has set up their yearly Oscar Showcase for all to see. Check it out HERE. It's a nice set-up they have for this year, as you can check out all the nominated shorts, as well as the animated features. Posted are short clips for viewing and past articles from AWN that might've mentioned the films. Another nice feature, they have links to all their Oscar Showcases up until 1998. It's a pretty cool pit-stop for all those interested.

The Annies are the Oscars of the animation industry, presented by ASIFA-Hollywood each year. {The award ceremony will take place tonight at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, by the way.) Just as Hollywood studios give out screeners and place ads in the trades to sway Academy voters their way, the studios will do the same for the Annies. Disney has set up a webpage for all the 16 nominations that THE INCREDIBLES received this year, complete with short clips as well as still frame galleries. It's a great layout as well. I highly recommend checking out the "storyboarding- feature" nominations as I find storyboards to be so fascinating in and of themselves. Go HERE to check it out.

Good luck to all the nominations!


  1. Absolutely not. I get no compensation for this blog. Setting it up was free on Blogger.com, and I have an account with Comcast for my image hosting, but I do not generate any money from The Ward-O-Matic. I just like to mention things that interest me.

  2. super cool! thanks for the links Ward.

  3. Careful now....you're leaning a little too far into self-promotion there in your comment. Please let the link to your profile be the only link needed, okay? This goes for everyone out there, by the way. No posting comments just to promote your sites, please! Thanks.

  4. Hey thanks man!!!

    I'll go and check it out! Glad to see you're back on tha block!

  5. Hey, just checked out both links...

    I think my fav oscar nominated animated film based on the clips is BIRTHDAY BOY. It just looks so beautiful. The INCREDIBLES stuff is awesome too.

  6. Thanks. The storyboarding was an excellent feature.