Best Picture Oscar?

Here's an article in the Guardian about THE INCREDIBLES's possible Oscar nod for BEST PICTURE. You heard right - not Best Animated Film, but Best Picture. It was on the PGA (Producers Guild of America) list for best films of the year, and considering that the PGA awards are a pretty good indicator of Oscar possibles, Brad Bird's film could possibly be the second animated film nominated for Best Picture, with Disney's THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST being the other one nominated in 1991.

I'm curious as to how they'll treat the film in regards to Best Animated Film catagory. I know that they've nominated a foreign film in both Best Foreign Film and Best Picture catagories before (LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, in 1997), so there's a slight possibility that INCREDIBLES could be nominated in both catagories and then given a win for Best Animated Film. But, who knows? Looks promising.

Peep the article HERE.

(Thanks to my dear sis, Amy, for the link.)


  1. I hope it's nominated but I'm not sure, given the competition, if it will win or not... THE AVIATOR, SIDEWAYS and RAY as well as MILLION DOLLAR BABY would be pretty tough to beat--given how well those movies have been recieved. I certainly think it deserves to be nominated before FINDING NEVERLAND which was sentimental pish. It still made me cry though.

  2. A leaner year of oscar-worthy pics would have probably meant a wider reception for The Incredibles. Sadly, I'd imagine there's enough "legitimate" cinema to keep Bird's magnificent movie neatly boxed into the Oscar equivilant of the kiddie table.

  3. I dunno. I predict that The Incredibles may in fact receive a Best Picture nod. There's been enough buzz about it to garner this nomination, I believe. And considering that many of the PGA people are Oscar voters may lay claim to this possibility. Like I mentioned, and you too, Pope, it probably will not win, but instead receive the Best Animated Film award. Oh well, that's certainly something, though!

  4. I would not be at all surprised if Incredibles landed a Best Pic nomination, especially given the rest of the field this year, but it will knock my socks off if the academy actually gives it a win in that category. I'm sure Bird will walk away with a Best Animated oscar in hand, but if that other hand carries away the Best Pic one, it will truly be a surprise. Most critics seem to favor Sideways (which I haven't seen yet).

    BTW, Ward I saw your letter in the latest Creative Loafing, standing up for Henry Selick and his team's wonderul work on the stop-motion animation for The Life Aquatic (a movie I loved). Computer animation indeed.If even the critics can't tell the difference, how has it become current wisdom that audiences prefer computer animation to traditional? Sadly, beancounter thinking still trumps anything else in the big movie biz.

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  6. No I didn't. I clicked on the durned thang to find out what'll happen. (That's how I find my way around cyberspace, anyway.) Now I found out it's for deleting my own comments. Oh. Did a control-c to save it; reload the page to see if it's really deleted: oh yop, yopyopyopI'mSuchAnIdiot! Better do a control-um-- v now.
    Here we go...

    Greetings! The Golden Globes seem pretty evenly divided between Sideways (Picture/Comedy, Screenplay), The Aviator (Picture/Drama, Actor), and Million Dollar Baby (Director, Actress), all of them Very Good works, B+ / 3-1/2 stars.

    The Incredibles, on the other hand, merits an A / 4 stars. It is easily the one golden apple in the crop, and which I predict

    *walking out tree limb now, listening for cracks*

    ahem will be the one disc(s) here -- collector's edition, suitably overpriced -- that will be passed on and protected, heirloomed deep into the next century, be replayed and savored, dusted off and dry-cleaned long after the other three slips or skips into --respectable, academic-- obscurity.

    Therefore, The Incredibles, I believe, shall and must be inducted into the AA pantheon, simply because... That is the Right Thing To Do. And we are now all about Doing the Right Thing, aren't we? Just ask the President. Amen. Pass the potatoes?

    -- August Arrived, rookie blogger
    (whaddaya mean your butler won't take my second name? How will people find me, my blog? Ridiculous! I shd be in the Pantheon someday! *whipping, snapping*)

  7. Oh, whoops, no AAN for "The Incredibles" at the Adult Table. Ugh.

    *My tree branch breaks. Ouch*

    Well fer my money that picture still belongs in the Top-Five. And if you don't think it was a great pic then you'd probably still think Battlestar Galactica was better as an Original.