Etsy Shop Update!

Etsy Shop Update!

Yes, it's finally happened: an actual update to my Ward-O-Matic Etsy Shop with NEW prints! Amazing! Here are the three prints that are now available (top to bottom, L to R): Vinyl Kid, SX-70 Camera Boy, SX-70 Camera Girl.

Prints shown above are the 5" x 7" size. All three are available in 8.5" x 11" as well. Yay!

Here, let me hold them for all of you to see (again, these are the 5 x 7" size):

Etsy Update: Vinyl Kid print

Etsy Update: SX-70 Camera Kids

The link: The Ward-O-Matic Shop

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  1. Hi -- This is about as out of left field as possible... but... Many years ago the UC Theater in Berkeley, CA used to have cartoon festivals sometimes. I think that there were different themes, but the one I'm curious about was the one with the focus on music -- ie. swing, mostly, I think, and jazz. Would you by any chance happen to know what cartoons were in that package (it couldn't have shown in just one place, could it?) Thanks!