Merry Christmas

The First Noel

I've posted this several Christmases before and it's always worth posting again: The First Noel, a small Golden Book illustrated by the brilliant husband-wife team of Alice and Martin Provensen, 1959.

You can view the book in its entirety HERE.

The First Noel: pp. 5-6

The First Noel: pp. 15-16

The First Noel: pp. 17-18

The First Noel: pp. 21-22

The First Noel: back cover

Here's to a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.



  1. Thank you for share it!!!
    It's very nice material :)

  2. Very nice stuff. The style reminds me of finnish illustrator Alexander Lindeberg.

  3. Petri - yes, I can definitely see some influence of the Provensens work in Lindeberg's Kalevalan Tarinat. Very nice work! I'll have to find a copy of that now. :)

  4. I really had some hard time hunting down my copy of Kalevalan tarinat couple of years ago.

    In case you don't find it somewhere else, there seems to be couple of sources here in Finland. Now the publisher (WSOY) has a reprint of it, that you can order on their webstore (unfortunately in Finnish language):

    And there is also a possibility to report the book on a wish list (also in Finnish), that some Finnish antiquarian bookshops are following: http://www.antikvaari.fi/puutelista.asp
    That's how I found mine.

    If you need any help due the language, don't hesitate to bother me by e-mail (http://www.sun-i.com/contact.html).

  5. Excellent! Many thanks, Petri! Will keep you in mind! ;)