Summer in Full Effect

It's here. It's definitely here and we can feel it. Summer has arrived in Portland—they say that the summer usually doesn't "officially" arrive here until around July 4th, and by golly, they're right. We're expecting temps in the 90s this week—I know that's no biggie to most of you on the eastern seaboard, but over here in the great northwest, it's kind of a big deal.

To kick it off, here's some summery vintage scans for you:

Avis ad from 1962
Fun Avis ad from Sunset magazine, January 1962.

At bottom:
"Now! If you want safety belts, you can have them up front at no extra charge on most '62 models."

Umm...gee, thanks, Avis!

Seattle Welcome Guide
Seattle Welcome Guide
Nice little pamphlet from the Seattle Convention and Tourist Bureau. 1959. No illustrator credit.

Buy FUN for the KIDS!
Dubble Bubble ad in Family Circle magazine, August 1953.

The Jungle Gym
From Music 'Round The Clock, Follett Publishing Company, 1955. Illustrator is Val Samuelson.

Summer is the time for jungle gyms and freaky kids, apparently.

Ooo! Some leftover fireworks from 4th of July:

Mayflower Dairy Magic
Mayflower Dairy Magic

Fun little booklet for Mayflower dairy products. No date, no illustrator credit. Thinking it's probably early 50s, based on the look and style of the photographs they have on the back cover (not shown in my Flickr or here). The little cook there is so fun. Yay! Cooking!

Mayflower Dairy Magic: cheese!
Anytime you've got a little cook with a wand pointing to a big star with the word CHEESE in the middle, I'm going to scan it, people.

Mayflower Dairy Magic: cottage cheese!

Mayflower Dairy Magic: ice cream!

Yay! Cottage cheese! Ice cream! Yay!

Summer is here.


  1. I SO want that little Mayflower Dairy cooking pixie to appear in my life when I'm bummed and need a snack

  2. Oh, I know! Tell me about it! ha ha

  3. Love the art (as usual) - have you checked out Ruth at "No Pattern Required" - she has a regular feature called mid-century menu and she actually makes horrible things like cottage cheese ice cream - ha ha! (oh and her husband has to try them).


  4. You never hear of any foods named "dunks" anymore.

  5. When I was a little girl we lived by the Meadowland Dairy. Now it's a housing development. How times change.