Photobooth Friday (finally)

Call me Mr. Beardy

It's been a long, long time since my last participation in Photobooth Friday (Wow. Not since April of 2008?), but I'm glad to say that a trip to the Ace Hotel this past Sunday was worth coming back for.

We (Ava, Ezra & I) call guys with big beards here in Portland "Mr. Beardy" - "Look Daddy! There's a Mr. Beardy!" If you want to see a prime example of a Mr. Beardy (besides myself), check out the dude who works behind the counter at Stumptown right next to the Ace. You'll thank me for it.

Currently enjoying:

wednesday: orange • My wife's polaroid collection.
• Hansen's Vanilla Cola: real cane sugar FTW.
• My new(ish) Cintiq 21UX: thank you, Hugh. You're awesome.
• German visitors: Mathias & J├Ârdis (and little Mari), best house guests EVER.
• Almonds: magical nuts that are supposed to change my life.
• Twitter: because Facebook can be annoying. Like real life.

Not enjoying:

• Third anniversary of my Aunt Bo's passing away because of stupid cancer. I miss her.
• Andrea out of town. Again.
• German visitors having to leave to go back home. Goodbyes suck.
• Waiting to get paid.
• Waiting. Period.


  1. here you go! http://tweetphoto.com/14975310 #photoboothfriday

  2. "Mr. Beardy" I love it! Thanks for pointing out Photobooth Friday. I have a few of those things hanging around. :) Nice post!

  3. dude, awesome art, rockin' beard. :)

  4. Ward Jenkins channeling the beloved John Muir, this week on Photobooth Friday!

  5. well hullo there, mr. beardy! i sure do miss a photobooth. sigh.

    now i do have to say that since you've already had the most rockinest house guests, mr. a-go-go and i are slightly intimidated to create a crash in yer abode at the end of our big trip. yes indeedy..itimidated!