At least you've got the spirit

If you never saw a white Christmas back in the day, you didn't have to fret. The stores always carried some instant snow for you to spray on your windows, right? To make it even more festive, you could also grab some stencils and make some pretty nifty snow decorations up on the windows themselves. Nice. Here's a couple of packs of Christmas stencils from the 50's for you to check out:

Paas Christmas Stencil Kit
All the stencils in this Paas Christmas Stencil Kit are intact and have never been punched out.

Paas Christmas Stencil Kit - back
I think this is the time when you say "How jolly!" Because that's what we say when we see a Santa Claus face. He's a jolly fellow.

Aero Snow Christmas Stencils
All the stencils are still in this one, too, but have been punched out—two with some paint residue. Guess they didn't want to use the fake snow. Love the cool illustration on the cover of this kit. Dig the kids.

Aero Snow Christmas Stencils - back
The ones that have paint on them are the "Merry Christmas" one (they used red AND white) and the angel praying.

And here, you've got a can of Instant Snow:
Instant Snow
I took this photo last year, during the freak massive snow storm that hit Portland around Christmas time. There's a winter wonderland right behind me when I took this shot.

On the back there's a warning:


Contents under pressure. Do not puncture. Do not throw into fire or incinerator. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not allow children or pets to eat snow.

Gotta remember that last one.


  1. So much awesome in one little blog post!!!

    Thanks for posting this!

    I remember the spray on snow. Most families just did the corners of their windows, but it was all a little redundant in the winter wonderland of Salt Lake City.

    Good times...

  2. I remember we did stencils too, but not with spray-on snow. We used some sort of pink liquid (Glass Wax?) on a sponge, held the stencil to the glass, then daubed on the glass through the stencil. The liquid dried white. -- Andy

  3. HAHA! I just saw this same set at an antique store yesterday! I would have bought it, if it had been before christmas and not after.

  4. Have you come across "Bosley" and "Dudley", the Paas Easter characters from our childhood?

    I don't think they lasted long. They may have only been regional. But they were a big hit when I pulled them out in college -even being featured our 'zine.