Wednesday Ephemera

Funny how time flies. Didn't even realize that it's been about two weeks since I've last posted something. First off, I'm happy to say that both Pasha and Diana received their Ward-O-Matic Etsy prints. We tracked down Diana after a couple of days of searching. I'm happy that they both seemed happy to receive the prints. It's a great thrill to know that your work is hanging on the walls of complete strangers' homes. I guess it's an aspect of being an artist to have your work shown and presented in a manner that's out there, and not laying around in your basement or buried deep within the confines of your hard drive. Enjoy your prints, Pasha and Diana! I had a lot of fun making them!

Okay, now onto some serious vintage ephemera. I have to come clean here: I've been holding out on you all, so to make it up to you, here's a bunch of old stuff from my collection (Click on each to view Flickr page):

Let's start of with a cool book cover for The Plague And I, by Betty MacDonald, who also wrote The Egg And I. Published in 1948. No mention of illustrator:

The Plague And I

Next, Damascus Cook Book cover, illustrated by "Butte":

Damascus Cook Book

No mention of date, but probably late 40's to 50's. Inside, there are some sweet two-color illustrations:

Damascus Cook Book 2

Damascus Cook Book 4

Damascus Cook Book 5

Next: Gordon's Vodka booklet cover (probably late 50's to early 60's) illustrated by Kelly Oechsli. Kelly gets instant street cred for illustrating Muppet and Fraggle Rock books for kids later on:

Gordon's Vodka booklet

More nice illos by Mr. Oechsli inside:

Gordon's Vodka booklet 2

I love this wraparound illustration for this Carnation Easy-Does-It Cook Book. Great characters, great color:

Carnation's Easy-Does-It Cookbook cover

Inside, there are tons of wonderful ink illos. Here's but a small sample:

Carnation's Easy-Does-It Cookbook illos

More wraparound goodness on this Creative Cookery brochure from Swift's Premium. Again, no mention of artist:

Creative Cookery

Of course, it's much better to see it larger.

Fire Safety Suggestions brochure from the 50's:

Fire Safety suggestions

This is a fun one from 1958. Fire Chief Hook'n'ladder fire prevention pamphlet illustrated and designed by the incredibly talented Albert Aquino:

Fire Chief Hook'n'ladder pamphlet

This pamphlet opens up in the middle. Notice that you can see the slight dark silhouettes of the Fire Chief in the house, pointing to areas where a fire could start in each room. Actually, that's what they want you to see when you hold the pamphlet up to the light. Man, I love that lettering:

Hook'n'ladder pamphlet open

Here's the back to the pamphlet, with all the Fire Chief silhouettes in the house. Problem is, the white emblem on his cap makes it look like his eye, and the bill of the cap looks like his nose (in the silhouettes):

Hook'n'ladder pamphlet back

Last, but not least, we have Mothers At Work, a pamphlet on, well, mothers at work. Around the house. 1960's. Part of the MetLife Insurance pamphlet series. Oh, yeah. No mention of artist:

Mothers At Work pamphlet

Mothers At Work pamphlet 2

Mothers At Work pamphlet 3

Mothers At Work pamphlet 4

Mothers At Work pamphlet 5

I have two others from this series. Some day I'll get the entire set. (Like I have the time.) The other two:

Your Guide to Good Health Metropolitan Insurance pamphlet cover

There. How's that for a bunch of old, musty ephemera for this fine Wednesday! Enjoy.


  1. i can never get enough of this stuff! some day i'll post some of my collection.

  2. Mother's at work bug me out with their creepy soulless eyes!

  3. Hey, Ward!

    Just letting you know that I sent out an e-mail blast to parents at my son's charter school here in l.a. re: your hip-hop prints. The second graders just finished a unit on hip-hop in their dance and movement class...

    -- Stacey Z

  4. That's great stuff. Way to share it!

  5. These are amazing. I love the CARNATION one the most...