Illustration for Heal Emru

Heal Emru

I did this illustration for HealEmru.com last year. It was the first bit of artwork I did after my letting go from Laika. Emru's sister Tamu asked me if I'd like to contribute a poster design for an upcoming hip-hop show. They were going to have a table set up there and needed some items (posters, buttons, etc.) with some nice designs. I, of course, said yes.

The illustration is based off of this publicity photo:

Tamu wanted something along the same lines, but if I wanted to do something completely different, that's fine with her. I thought that adding a different twist to something that they already have would keep it grounded. Here's how the illustration was used:

Originally, I drew only Emru and the area at the bottom for the type. Kept the artwork simple so Tamu could do whatever she wanted with it. I then went back later on and did my own version by creating the sunburst background and "Heal Emru" lettering.

I miss Emru. He passed away on 11 November, 2008. Tamu and Emru's family continue the tireless effort to garner attention for bone marrow donors. To learn more, go here. And then go tell everyone else.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Emru. I am shocked by the number of people affected by leukemia. I mean, I knew... but it wasn't until I started doing my ride and started collecting names from my donors of people to ride in memory of, in addition to Page, that I began to realize the sheer volume... It boggles the mind.

    I've thought about donating marrow again, don't know if I'm up for it emotionally or not. I did, however, find this great widget that lets you search for a marrow drive in your area. It's on my site, lower right hand corner at http://blog.feline.org.

    Your drawings for Emru are fantastic.

  2. This was a great piece you did! I handed some of those out on the streets here in Vancouver last year!

    Keep the word up!