Something I did recently for a potential job. Didn't get it, but that's okay. I now have ballerinas in my illustration arsenal.

Good thing Andrea's a dancer and that we have an 8 year old daughter. Lots of books laying around here on dance -- plenty of reference for me. (For the record: Andrea's more a modern dancer, but has books on all types of dance because she teaches it.)

ballerinas 1

ballerinas 2

Girls are so awkward at this age, especially when it comes to getting ballet poses right. It was fun trying to come up with some scenarios you see here.

Wow, it got real girly around here all of a sudden, didn't it? Oh, well. Enjoy your Labor Day, folks.


  1. wow these look like you had so much fun drawing this. I really like the acting in these sketches.

  2. These are really adorable! I can picture them hanging in my girls' playroom :) I especially adore their gawkiness!

  3. I love that last page the best

  4. W,

    awesome work man. hope all is well.

    my friend here at work said he saw a camera "DVAflex argus 75" on your flickr page and was wondering if you got it here in portland or not?

    he wants to get one.

    thanks man>oVi

  5. Great shapes and poses. And the color is great in the top one.

  6. I saw your works on your flickr, I love your style and characters.
    I add you in my blogs.

    nice to meet you mr. ward jenkins.

  7. Thanks for the comments, guys!

    Ovi - your friend probably saw that camera here. I did not get that camera here in Portland, but probably in Atlanta (that photo was in my ATL office space). Can't remember where we got the thing. Most likely it was at an antique mall or yard sale. You can get those in various resale shops as well, like Rerun or Smut here in PDX.

    So nice to meet new people, Buddy! Thanks for the nice words.

  8. I like your style. Nice lines of action, and the knobby knees in the sketches really communicate that awkward, uncoordinated, skinny little girl phase.

  9. Oooh! They are so cute, so well done! Congratulations!

  10. I'll be boring like everyone else, and say, these are great.