Space Kids

Space kid!

I painted these astronaut kids a couple of weeks ago. Goauche and india ink on watercolor paper. I really enjoy working in this style. The ink is waterproof once it dries, but I could've painted the kids first and then applied the ink afterwards. It's all a matter of preference. Even though goauche is utilized more as an opaque medium, it behaves like watercolor when you add more water to the pigment.

Space kids 3

I think I need to get new nibs. The one I used in these illos is several years old and is starting to fray.

Space kids 2

I'd love to work on a children's book using this technique. *hint hint* Any takers?


  1. Great work, Ward. Always love the space themes.

  2. Hey Ward
    Haven't checked out your blog for a looooong time. Thought I would drop you a note to say I find it entirely inspiring that you are on your own now. I think the best thing creative people can do for themselves is create their own opportunities.
    If you ever need some Flash help, always feel free to drop me a line (doubt I am the first one to offer!)
    Looking forward to seeing what lies
    --oh ya...and killer astronauts:)

  3. amazing space kids!
    you could make books with your photography too. i am blown away by your san francisco trip pictures!

  4. These are SO great, Ward! Wonderful work!

  5. Very cool! I'd love to see some fun space crafts/aliens in this style!

  6. Thanks, guys, for all the nice comments! Glad that you like these space kiddos.