aww yeah

Back in 1999, I had this idea for a side project on hip-hop and the culture that was born out of it. To this day, I'm still fascinated by hip-hop. Even though I've placed this particular project on hold, I never tire of digging out these paintings done with gouache and ink on illustration board. Some of these images are based off of photos, but altered just enough to incorporate a certain look & style I was trying to finesse at the time. I had a lot of fun working on these.

Oh, and I want to say that I really appreciate all the kind and encouraging words I've received from you all regarding my job situation. It's been nothing but ups & downs for me lately, but getting great comments and emails offering words of advice and support definitely will put me in the 'up' category. Many thanks, guys.

What's been going on with me lately? Ah, who knows? But I do have to say that I'm looking forward to taking a nice vacation with the family tomorrow. A much needed vacation. Be back soon, kids!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Now get off an enjoy your holiday. Just got back myself from Salou in Spain and came home a different person in spirit. The place had more to it than expected. However still tired in a mad sort of way after having the break. Looks Like I will have to book another

  2. What's funny is when I saw the first image, I thought, "Aw yeah," (maybe the music I was listening to helped) before I read the title.

    It definitely evokes memories from my childhood visits to Brooklyn, so your art is working for me.

  3. Have a great holiday, Ward!

    Don't forget, we have a lunch pending when you get back! :)

  4. This drawings are beautiful!

  5. Sup Ward,

    These are very Awesome.

    Sorry to hear about your job. Those situations can be quite frustrating if they are unexpected. But I find in my experience they often lead to amazing fortunes.

    Look forward to more of your new work



  6. man, I love the 80s... I wanna go back.

    Nice work here.