Ava Thursday: Birdie & Froggie

Ava Thursday: Birdie & Froggie
I know that this is a little late, but since it's an Ava Thursday post, I can't help it!

Something different for Ava Thursday: little creatures made by Ava during an after school art class she was going to for awhile back in May. On the left, a little bird with a nice red crest. If you look closely, there are a couple of eggs in the nest. On the right, a bright green tree frog. Ava chose the colors herself, thanks to a big chart that the instructor had with all the color glazes marked out so you can see what they would look like when they were fired up in the kiln. If you notice, there's some dark speckles in the blue for the bird here:

Little birdie

Here on the frog, I love the little nose and mouth, along with the red eyes. She chose red because she saw a tree frog in a magazine once:

Little froggie


It's Labor Day weekend, so that means our anniversary is nigh. Hitting the big 1-3 mark. Thirteen years! I can't believe it. We've been dating since 1990, which would bring us up to 17 years that Andrea and I have been together. She was 19, I was 21. Ah, but we were wee bairns, weren't we? Planning a surprise trip for the family today. I'll be sure to post some pics when we get back.

Have a great Labor Day people!


  1. these are beautiful. the bird is very advanced! thanks for sharing....

  2. Happy anniversary. Lucky 13, huh?

  3. Not to give Ava all the attention (you're okay too, Dad), but I have to chime in that these are just perfect. Great job!

    Congratulations on your anniversary as well. Kendra and I passed our 12th year (dating since 1995 - married since 1999). Crazy!

  4. These are kind of scary, but cool. You think your Ava will emulate Jim Woodring in her later art?