Painterly break

Thought that while I'm still working on the second part of how I got the job at LAIKA, I'll post pics of some paintings I did in college. Before you start to roll your eyes and groan, "Oh brother, he's starting to post college work..." I wanted to share these with you all because it was a key moment in my artistic career. Up until the time I took a Drawing & Painting class during my senior year, I never really had the chance to play around with paint and color. It was in this class where I started to see the many opportunities that afforded me when two (or more) colors started to work off each other. I was playing around, doing mostly studies based off of sketches I did in a figure drawing class a year before. All these paintings were acrylic on cardboard (I was in college, whuddya expect? I had no money for real canvas...) and are about 24 inches in height. Click on each to view larger.

figure 1

figure 2

figure 3

figure 4

Can't you tell that I've been going through some of my old stuff? These were in our storage space that we had to clean out before the Big Move. Man, talk about a Shrine To The 90's. Quite a trip back in time for us, going through all that junk.


  1. I like that third one...great color. I bet you're surprised, right? I bet you thought I'd pick the man-torso. heh heh

  2. HEY DUDE, it's Derek Sweatman from way back in the days of super-tiring summer landscaping. How are you??? Did you know that I recently took the preaching role at CCB? Just thought I'd update you!


  3. Thanks for making me smile.
    I've got some pretty similar paintings in acrylic on cardboard. Though it was not the college, but a summer-workshop.
    I just remembered this "wow, this is the world of colors effect". It's lost nothing of faszination.! :))

    greetings from Berlin!

  4. Hey Ward! Congrats on the job and the move. I have been following it through Hula :) I lost your blog on my RSS at some point some how and was just thinking about it the otherday. I see you have moved to wordpress! Good move. So have I :) I will re-ad you to my blog roll and my feed. Hope you are still doing those Ava Thursdays. Blessings!

  5. Okay so I feel like a dork. I just realized this is not wordpress. I must be needing to go to bed. But hey you and hula should look into it. You can import all old posts easily, and I feel like it functions better. But I was having issues with blogger.

    Anyway, sorry about that!

  6. Great stuff, man. I still liked the pieces that you had hanging around Click. Didn't Doud buy one of those? My memory, ya know...

  7. Thanks, guys! Thank you all for your nice comments.

    And yes, Robert, Doud has two of my earlier paintings.