Ava Thursday: The Map

Ava Thursday: The Map
Ava drew up a cute little story about pirates a couple of months ago in this small notebook that came with her Happy Meal. McDonald's was promoting the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and one of the "toys" was a notebook with a pencil, I guess to make your own treasure map. (It came with a plastic compass.)

Instead of drawing a map, Ava drew a story called "The Map," complete with pirates and a treasure chest and x marking the spot on a deserted island -- you name it. Even mermaids. It's a beautiful little story drawn in a simple pencil style that only my daughter can muster. I scanned some of the story for you to enjoy here. (Click each image to view larger.)

Ava Thursday: The Map (reaching the island)
Here's our little pirate girl, on her way to search for the treasure. I love the pose here, as well as the "x" on the island.

Ava Thursday: The Map (mermaid)
Close up of a mermaid deep in the sea. Ava crossed out whatever it was above this character, so I don't really know what was going on. Love the details here.

Ava Thursday: The Map (looking)
I love how Ava drew the eye in the telescope larger. Obviously she watches a nice healthy share of cartoons.

Ava Thursday: The Map (sailing off)
Looks like she found the treasure! A key, a sparkly coin and a jewel: sounds like the perfect treasure to me. And there she goes, sailing away....

Ava Thursday: The Map (little pirate girl)
Little Pirate Girl with her shiny sword.

Ava Thursday: The Map (pirates!)
Great pirates here, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Ava. Arrrr!


Things have been pretty busy for me lately. That's why I've fallen in my Ava Thursday duties. Very sorry for that. Yeah, isn't this nice? Ava Thursday on a Saturday. Go figure. Oh well. Hope you all don't mind so much. I mean, it's not like this is a binding contract or anything.


  1. my 3-yr old daughter is into pirates + treasure maps + mermaids, so she'll love to see ava's imaginitive drawings in the morning. that last barechested pinhead knife wielding pirate with raggedy pants is my favorite.

  2. Isn't it? That last page with the two pirates was the deciding factor for me in scanning this book for Ava Thursday.

  3. That first scan with the title pages is really great. That's showing a hand touching the map, yes? I'm reading the two pages as being connected because the waves on the left side seem to be part of the image on the right. So it establishes the action by showing a first person POV of Pirate Girl reading the map, setting up the story to follow, but it's also a kind of framing device for the reader like when an animated movie or cartoon begins by showing a map or opening a book that you then descend into.

  4. That IS really awesome. I'll always be an Ava fan. I miss those afternoons I would spend with crayons just drawing whatever came into my head.