Argle Barglin'

Well, shoot. Jerry at Cartoon Brew beat me to it, but I was going to mention that Atlanta's own animation connoisseur, C. Martin Croker ("Clay" to you and me), has finally started up a blog, called Argle Bargle! Clay is one of those rare individuals who happens to know just about everything on anything, especially when there's animation involved. I've never met anyone quite like him. Honest. Clay stories are legendary within the animation community here in Atlanta, and if ever there is a blog that you should read and link to, then this is it.

To try and describe Clay to someone just doesn't do the man any justice. Mostly known for his voice work on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast (Zorak and Moltar), what many do not know was that he was also the animation director for the show. In fact, a fair amount of local talent worked on various SG: C2C episodes, including yours truly. That was the first time I ever worked with Clay. However, Clay and I haven't had too many opportunities to work together after that (I think it was 1998), which is unfortunate. He did help me out with some animation for those Electrasol commercials I directed (you know, the ones featuring the Jetsons), as well as Sonny's "freak out" scene in the Cocoa Puffs commercial currently airing, but other than that, not too much interaction.

Hopefully, this blog will offer Clay the chance to get those crazy stories and odd interests out there to the general public, where they deserve to be heard. He usually does the Comic-Con circuit from time-to-time, but here, the audience will be far greater than those venues. So go check his blog out now!

Bowling freaks
Oh, I just had to share this photo. It's been hanging up on my board here at work and it always makes me smile. What you see here is a rarity. To get all these guys together in one room takes an act of God, so enjoy this while you can. This was at Primal Screen's Christmas party, 2001. It was at a bowling alley, natch, and that's Clay in the middle.

Here are the guilty parties from L to R:
Me (holding Ava), Dave Strandquest (aka Dr. Strangetoons), Clay Croker, and Robert Pope.

This is a great shot of some of the most unique animators I've ever had the chance of working with. Oh, the stories these guys could tell....


  1. his basement! you forgot to mention his BASEMENT!!

    he's got the best basement people. i go down ther and i have to stap a drool cup around my neck because there are so many cool collectibles and models and toys and orriginasl artwork..

    agh. i gotta wipe off my keyboard.

  2. The Rat Pack we ain't. And Dano is right. There's no basement to my memory that even comes close to the "why isn't this a TV show set" feel of Clay's. Thanks for posting the picture, Ward; I always get a kick out of how Strandquest looks like some sort of ghostly Iggy Pop-by way of Frankenstein's Monster floating head. WAAAH!

  3. Goodness, how could I forget The Basement! Yes, people, his basement is like a world unto itself. Nothing like you've ever seen!

    Pope, I have another shot of this crew, but Clay's not in it. Dave is mugging for the camera in that one, as well. Man! We need to get together sometime, don't we, Pope? Let's get Clay to have another one of his infamous parties!

    "Shave the hair off and have at it!"

  4. Is this one of the Jetsons commercials you directed?


  5. Aaron, I did not direct that particular commercial, but my co-worker, Jeff Fastner, did. I directed the other two spots on that campaign, the ones featuring Rosie the Robot and George Jetson. This one was the third, and most recent one.