Spring Break

SO I'm torn right now. I want to post some artwork of mine, but I don't have anything scanned. I've been drawing in my Moleskine recently, but nothing's worth showing right now. I want to take some of these sketches and then do some Photoshop wonders to them, but I never have the time. I need to work on some side stuff, but again, the TIME. No time at all to do any of this.

ALSO I want to scan and post some great old illustrations, but I can't figure out just exactly what -- which book, which pamphlet, which illustration to show? I don't know. I have so much to show you all that I end up getting jittery over it and nothing gets scanned at all. Back to square one.

ALSO I need to work on some side stuff -- writing, believe it or not -- that might be a big deal for me some time down the road. But guess what? I have no time for it. Or, at least, I can't seem to organize my time -- just like my attic. My time mangagment skills are in the pits.

AND there are many follow-up posts that I've been meaning to get to, but I can never muster up the energy to work on them. Where's the third Polar Express post? The continuing Ottawa posts? My long-delayed post on graffiti? The drafts are there in my Blogger Dashboard, I just can't seem to... (again) find the time.

ALSO several deadlines are looming over my head at work right now and -- honestly? I find it quite difficult to fathom just how I've been able to do all of this in the first place.

I simply have too much that I want to do, need to do -- it renders me paralyzed.


I am taking a little break from The Ward-O-Matic.

Time to focus on my family, on my work, on my sanity. Don't know how long it'll be until I return, but I when I do, I promise I'll be back in true form, with loads of great stuff to show and talk about.



  1. I understand, but will miss your blog while you're away. Good luck and rest well, if you find the time. You're family will love you for it.

  2. Ward -

    I've wondered how you've kept up the manic pace of posting, working and living. It seems that you are suffering from the "too much on your plate syndrome". Take the break and relish the ability to focus on important things. Hopefully, this will reboot the 'ole' brain pan and you can get back to sharing your eccentricities and art.
    Best of Luck.

  3. WHAT!?

    Nonononono, sit back down and finish what you've started
    oh, okay, it's just...my father said the exact same thing twenty years ago and (choke) -- he never came back.

  4. I'll miss your frequent posts but I understand your reasons why. I can't even begin to imagine what the posts will like when you return... I dare say they will ignite an artistic revolution!

  5. Usually I don't comment, but I keep coming here and make publicity about your blog here in Portugal. Take a break, and take your time, you really deserve it!

    : )


  6. Take a break, enjoy it. Post when you have something you want to write about. Forget the 'follow-up' posts and the 'ongoing series' posts, they sound like another of life's fun-killing RESPONSIBILITIES.

  7. I feel you dawg... I cannot wait to see what you come up with on the side! Stay in touch mate...

  8. I agree with Jason. This blog of yours wasn't built on obligation, but rather your fun-loving fascination with animation, etc. That's why it's so awesome. Let it be fluid and fun. Maybe you've given yourself too many posting assignments. Of course, it's easy for me to say that considering I don't have the blogging audience you have, but still, it's your blog, so just do what you enjoy.

    I hope you come back soon...

  9. Oh no, first Julia @ ticky tacky, and now the ward-o-matic! Some of my new favorite blogs are going on hiatus. But, at the same time, I totally get where you are coming from. I've stepped it back lately myself, just because I don't want to documenting to take more time and headspace than the actual experiences themselves. Good vibes to you and yours.

  10. Oh, man! Can I ever relate!

    I have calls that I am so seriously arrears on making(including one to you!); gotta take the cello in to get it restrung, gardening(before a lot of barely-green things die on me), writing to do, boards to turn in, bills, films, blah, blah--and I don't even have kids! I know you have a mighty full plate all the time. I don't know how you do it, Ward. But I do know this:
    You'll be back! I guarantee that the bug will start buzzing 'round your brain again to post. And your fans here are righton: it should and WILL be fun, nothing else. This modern world...it's so easy for things to qucikly take over and become a burden. Enjoy your break! : )


    good luck and may happiness surround you and everyone in the family!!

    *cHeerz* (^__^)

  12. opting for the pause-o-matic feature, what a revoulutionary design!
    Hey every one needs a break
    just don't be gone as long paige.

  13. i hope you still have time for your little old mate down under....

    i miss ya!
    need to call you both again soon.

    and mustard empire will rise soon.

  14. We all get burned out eventually. I know I did. Just need to take things one step at a time...wait till the spark gets back then you'll have more than ebought energy to work like a maniac again. ^^ Cheers to you on working on regaining the edge back again.

  15. Hey, Ward -

    One thing I've found that has really helped me over the last year or so has been the Getting Things Done system by David Allen. It's a system that basically deals with how to sort through the roughly 4 billion things you have to do and, as the title implies, just get things done.

    Here's a link that has some initial information about the system:


    Hope it helps.



  16. Thanks guys for all the nice words, as well as the helpful tidbits. I really appreciate it.

    I'll be back soon. Crazy week right now.

  17. Takin' a break is a damn good idea, dude. So many projects, so little time. Rest easy, man!